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In the six month. In the fifth day of the mind. I said in my house and that Of judah set before me that the hand of the lord god failed still there upon me. Then i'd be hells and low a lightness as the appeared on fire from the appearance of his lions even don ward fire and from headlines even upwards at the appearance of brighton at the color of ambulance and he put for the form of him and took me by a here at speed. Lifted me up between the earth. And the haven't brought me. In the business of god to jerusalem to the door of the instigate that look towards nor twelve feet of the image of the jealous would provoke jealousy and behold the glory of the glory of the god of israel was there according to the business that i saw in the plane then said he unto me son of man lift up the arm now the way towards the north so i looked it. Up is the way towards the north and behold northward at the gate of the art disadvantage of the jealous engine. He says for the more onto make up man though what they do. Even the great abomination that the hall of israel committed. Here's that is to go far off from my from my claim to wear but tied the yet again and i'll shoot fees greater abomination. Ooh and he brought me to the door of the court. And when i looked behold a hole in the wall then fed he had to me sign of maine dig now in the wall and when i had big in the wall behold adore and he said to me go in and behold the wicked abomination that they do here so i went in and saw and behold every form of creeping and abominable beef and all the idols of the how of israel's portrayed upon the wall mounted and there before seventy men the ancient of the health of israel and in the midst of them stood in all k with every man is sensor in his hand and a cloud of innocence went up then said he unto me son of man has all seen what the ancient of the halls of issue do in the every man in the chamber of his emerson for they say the lord fears is not the lord had put the earth he said also into me turn the year again and all the greater abominated that they do. Then he bought me to the door of the gate of the lord's house which was toward which was what the north and behold there said. They're sick women. Weepy tapped danced. Said he unto me have has seen this old son of man turned the yoga and also to see great abominated and these and he bought me into the into court of the lower town and behold at the door of the temple of the lord between the ports and the authors were about five and twenty mean with their thoughts towards the temple that fit on now as we are the saints his. He's other people that says with their mouth. They say that they raised the wiki. Polls in god we stores you because there wasn't e- is what we love. This'll be be zero is an arm free rates. This'll be y'all of the senior visit go is anyway. See what see people today. If they the holidays come see spout spirit edge. Got he gives.

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