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For my favorite morning of the year sitting on the covers are over the green green grass of center court but coming off shortly the roof is a roof is open it's a beautiful blue sky this morning fantastic setting for the start of the fortnight of tennis hair talk more about that through the morning here on newsday i first of all let's update you on the pig news from the nba in the last couple of hours his future had been up in the air but now it has been sorted and for big money lebron james has signed a four year deal with the la lakers which means he's leaving the cleveland cavaliers he decided to become a free agent who of course he took yet again to the nba finals this year only to go down to golden state warriors important move for lebron but an important move for the lakers as well but is it worth one hundred and fifty four million dollars michael singer is the basketball reporter for usa today the first thing you have to know about lebron james is that any nba team would have offered him this exact same deal if he wanted to go there lebron james has become such a gravitational force in the nba that if any team if he has an interest in any team any team will move mountains to try to get lebron james he will be worth that amount ten i don't wanna say tenfold but he will be worth that amount in especially because he will be in los angeles significantly bigger market then cleveland was lebron james has a home there he has business ventures there he has media ventures there he has he's been in motion pictures there is an entire empire lebron to sort of flourish in los angeles when he ultimately moves there for the upcoming season and that simply was not there for cleveland so in terms of the actual monetary value as crazy as it is to say lebron james is actually worth that amount that's my coaching about the only thing he didn't mention was they on court action but there are no doubts from former lakers star carrying abdul jabbar who said on social media the acquisition of lebron james means that the lakers are just a smidgen away from being real contenders we shall say heroin but it is all set for the start of the championships as i said a beautiful morning roger federer and serena williams amongst those in action later on talk more about that in the next here on the program but in half and we're going to russia where i suspect a few people haven't yet made it back to bed after the host nation got through to the quarter finals of the world cup penalties against spain sees the former champions going home their departure marks the last international action for the great entrees in the ester who announced his international retirement after the game and more penalties last night croatia squeaking through against denmark the a remarkable action at russia two thousand eighteen continues and as i say we'll talk to our correspondent alex capstick in russia looking head to brazil mexico later as well in half and ask time now many thanks let's hear from russia the biggest surprise of the world cup so far twenty ten champions spain not out by the host nation in in russia it's not just the national football team that's enjoying unexpected success so are the authorities for them the world cup is turning into a public relations coup in the russian capital been partying all night as you heard.

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