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Lord center and another red Simpson class again between read citizen and they'd deadly that's coming up later yet in the valley yeah I have Dave Dudley well yeah there there there you were the two kind of they kept the old truck in the trucking country alive for quite a long time all right fiddler is on deck will get Mister motor car with us tonight we're at the halfway point of America's trucking network live on a Friday night into Saturday morning and just to complete our last conversation that goes we got kind of cut off by the horn there in in any case what you're seeing in the next Superbowl thirty four in a week from Sunday is a transition I transition away from Brady Rogers and breed is to the next generation of great quarterbacks that'll be my home's garage below in a course Lamar Jackson the Baltimore this is a transition game for the NFL the next generation of great quarterbacks and to get to the Superbowl you got to have yourself a great quarterback so hint hint Cincinnati Bengals when you get a chance to grab Joe burrows don't be so sure because Miami once and at Miami's got a live and draft picks in this draft they got Swanee and what they're talking about right now is two first rounders in a second rounder eight cash or Joe burrow well in the saving graces there's about three other quarterbacks that you could pick depending on what where you end up with your first rounder after dealing the topic in the over then the draft overall there's two or three other quarterbacks that there was a you know it depends it can always stick with Andy Dalton who's been a quarterback now for ten years but you know it it did so you got to have a great quarterback Ben Roethlisberger gets injured Steelers no where close Denver didn't have a decent quarterback this year Broncos not even competitive yet got they have that quarterback here's a wake up for Joe I'm sure is it sure is not listening but if he he's probably going to sign for something in the thirty five million dollar range for three years guaranteed and an eight eight thirty million dollars signing bonus if he goes to Miami the state taxes alone for the signing bonus all saving two hundred thousand dollars he could save over his contract almost a million Bucks yeah but the cost to live on the cost of living is much higher in in Florida in Miami and it is in Cincinnati so I'm sure he's got an army of advisers that is going through you know every conceivable possibility so that they you know end up with the best deal for them but if the bangles I've got the first Peck and they've got this kid that everybody considers you know the next great saying and you got to have that quarterback in order to compete in this league today van get them while you can and yours girlfriends from yeah she's a mile state they met in Ohio state's user Mason Ohio which is about ten minutes from where I'm sitting as a matter of fact Joe burrows was visiting her in Mason last weekend I was all kinds of photos of him hanging out of the buffalo wings and rings just up the street from us here about ten minutes of the highway we only get the fiddler hold on here's fiddler in Pennsylvania hello fiddler thanks for hanging on hello Bob above it they're really pretty shake your sponsorship with the show with motor coach isn't much and that means a lot we've got a senator now if you want if you want to keep the show you want to keep the show on the air with Steve with Dave whoever's doing the show any sponsors and we need you to support the sponsors so that they continue to advertise and keep the show going it's that simple I try yes Sir we are we appreciate that all right we're gonna have to hit you with a brand new trivia question I hate to break that the a fiddler but somebody just got the last one there was an easy that achy Breaky heart when I'm in the state he none other easy listen up thank god I'm a country boy now who is they did enjoy quite a bit of success both in pop I was the opening song on his TV show John it is getting easier on yeah wow I know the good war you all better early age due to a played malfunction or he was.

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