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One of the great writers in. Saint Louis for many many years longtime at the Saint Louis Post dispatch and a guy that had many articles on Lou Brock and wrote one of the articles very recently and I say recently within the last few years and it's why I wanted to get him on is Dan. O'Neill. Dan. It's always great to hear Your Voice I know you've got a bunch of books out on the Blues in the cardinals and we could talk about that. But I WANNA get you on to talk about the late. Great. Lou Brock it's always good to hear your voice. How are you? I'm Gert Dan always good to visit with you my old radio parker absolutely. When when you think Lou Brock what comes to mind for you? Well, you know I, of course, I think a lot of people is. Think of the world series. When you think Lou Brock I mean he was just so incredible. In Three World Series Three, seven game world series had. Just amazing numbers of you know especially in sixty eight, twenty, four, sixty, four, and set a record record with thirteen. Kids in the world series I don't think I've ever seen A more dynamic player everyday player that is not pitcher per se but but in the lineup everyday player. as Lou Brock, and that was especially highlighted in the world series when he helped the cardinals to a significantly chips and lose a heartbreaker and sixty eight and game seven. But you know the most amazing thing about his world series stuff is he did all that in the series. Two teams that won world series and yet because of the presence of Bob, Gibson was never a world series. MVP So. It's pretty amazing when you think about it, here's another amazing thing. I was kind of looking at the stats and. You know when he's still a hundred eighteen basis in nineteen, seventy four. He was He turned thirty five years old that summer. and as it turns out that he stole, he stole nine hundred, Thirty, eight basis in this greer five, hundred and seventy eight of those steals came after his thirtieth birthday incredible and two in two hundred, sixty, two after his thirty fifth birthday, right so that's pretty amazing. stat and. just shows he was a very unique player I i. There's not too many players you can compare them to. He was also dynamic in the fact of what he did in the community and beloved in Saint Louis. You know Gibson is kind of this You know just a hard line. Kinda. Guy Ozzy is a different, Guy? Stan was a different guy in in in different ways not bad good at you know just different Louis beloved and it's just a different way to with all these guys were so in personality, how would you define Lou Brock when you think about him and the community here in Saint Louis in his relationship with the fans? Yeah No, you're. You're absolutely right and I mean I know all those guys you mentioned and they're all good guys. But we were talking as we've talked before but Lou Brock was unconditionally a good guy. It didn't matter what the situation was didn't matter who you were where you were. He was a good guy. You know you take Bob Gibson who I know as a as A. Nice. person good character down deep. But he's a little more cranky and you got to catch them at the right time scandal. alleged. A little edge. Yeah Louis Stand the man I think those to compare really well, they were always good I'll give you a little story about Lou a good friend of mine bumped into Lou Brock one time at the airport. And he was missing granddaughter's birthday. Because he was travelling and they happen to be getting their shoes shined at the airport. So they're sitting right there next to them or next to each other, and he made some conversation with Lou net came up that he was missing his. Granddaughter's birthday. So he had bought him a book are bought his grand granddaughter. I'm sorry a book my friend. and lucid. Well, let me see that book and he said, do you mind if I I wish your granddaughter Happy Birthday. So he opened up the book and the wrote Happy Birthday to my friend's granddaughter by me and signed it Lou Brock. So that's the kind of stuff Lou Brock did you know on a daily basis south mix community? He was a special man when you think about the greatest trades in in baseball history and I, know you love the game of baseball it'll go down as the greatest trading cardinals history. But when you look at it league wide, where, where do you think this one ranks in terms of baseball history? Well it it might be the most famous Dan I mean. There's been another really lopsided traits. and that trade in particular. A Blue Brock coming here for Ernie Braulio. Was An interesting one because almost to a man, the cardinal players in nineteen, sixty four were against that trait. They couldn't believe the cardinals were making that trade. I mean Braulio at one eighteen games, the previous season, and he'd won twenty one games for the cardinals. And he was very popular guy in the clubhouse and and. A leader on that team, and that trade really shocked the cardinal clubhouse and of course, Broccoli and Chicago. Hadn't hadn't really found himself yet. You're still struggling a bit. He was playing center field and right field for the cubs. Hadn't hit over about two fifty eight or you know right around there for two or three seasons. I hadn't really established himself as as the kind of player he would when he came here. And then he comes here and just completely changed. It really changed the baseball and the National League for the next several years I. Mean they're just there wasn't a player like brock on the scene at that time who was a combination of both power and speed I mean you had more wills with the dodgers who had stolen one hundred, four basis. couple of seasons earlier but wheels was pretty much a singles hitter on Bass Bass. Brockett double figure home runs seven times in his career So he was a different different cat you know he could hit the ball out of the park or you to get on base and steal second and He was just a a unique player to completely change the culture for the cardinals. He fit right into you know it was different. Because the cardinals. Had Black players. They had Bob Gibson and Kirk blood, and they were he was a perfect fit here and and they became very close team and took off. Of course, I'm sixty four and you know as we've talked before you name, you can name to three guys who keys to the cardinals success in the sixties and Brock was circling right up there at the top of the list I think you have to go back to. That timeframe to and when he got hit number three thousand and all the steals and then mix in the championships and take a look at the time frame of when he went into the hall of fame in Nineteen eighty-five, he has to be considered at least in my opinion one of the most underrated hall of famers in the history of the game d do you think that's a fair statement? Yeah. Yeah I do because I've seen. You know especially I think the end unless I don't know ten fifteen years. When you had sort of this new wave of statistical.

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