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How do you feel that you're here? The kiss you can write in circuit translate at all times and not only that but another com thing. That seems to happen is that when there's conflict the foreigner pretends like they don't understand and it's just a means of kind of deflecting the situation situation so something tells me that there's going to be some of that between these wish. I could do that in my relationship. Speak the lowest your wives like all right and that leads us to Angela and Michael who are going to movie making an appearance on this season because they are included in the previews and Promos for the show about this Angela. Michael we have the long history with history when it comes to ninety day fiance where we last left off with them at the tail. All at the end of ninety days before the ninety days Angela got into a physical altercation with avery's mom which TLC did not air. But I have read about online since that all happened. She was asked to leave by the show because she got physical and aggressive she came into that tell all ready to fight to rumble mean. She was in a foul mood. She she has has always been this very kind of rough and tumble character on the show and what they allude to moving forward on this season of ninety John say is that Michael's Visa has been approved. He is supposed to be coming to the United States. She is getting ready by going and getting botox injections which how she can afford for that because we know about her financial struggles. She's very openly talked about how she can't afford to go on these trips and she can't afford the three thousand dollars. Cotton Patch. Wedding and talks is not cheap. I don't know she said the big clip that that's kind of the cliffhanger that leaves us all wondering what's going on. Is there on a facetime time. Call where Angela asks. Michael do you still want to get married. And he's like sobbing sobbing which leads to what could be the reason for distress well. I think it's pretty obvious that he has figured out that Mary. Her is a very bad idea. But we haven't gotten to the call yet so I guess we'll find out in due time who advance all about so then moving on to the crash and burn couple. That's what I'm going to call them because this has disaster disaster written all over which one because I got a couple of ideas Robert and Annie. Okay Robert is forty one years old. He lives in Winter Park Florida. Anne is thirty. And she's from the the Dominican Republic he's a New Yorker who lives in Brooklyn you can hear the accent and he says a New Yorker who has is now living in Florida he drives for a ride. rideshare service bright. He has a single dad. He met Anne in the Dominican Republic. They got engaged after only spending eight hours together other. How did you propose doing on the beach and the Roman she gets here on the do it better than that long? Did you spend Eh. I spend about their day out there just.

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