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Again a check of your traffic right now things are a bit slow if you're traveling into san francisco eighty in the westbound direction the bay bridge toll plaza just moved a fender bender out of the way so traffic is working on recovering eastbound five eighty at main street we have an accident here taking up the right lane no injuries involved but still some slowing northbound eight hundred eighty five in sunnyvale the right shoulder here blocked by iraq checking in with the chp we have a large unknown object blocking the second lane from the left this is five eighty eastbound north flynn chp officers reporting that we actually have a vehicle over to the shoulder that hit it and has two flat tires so please keep an eye out they're going to get out there as fast as possible and remove it from the roadway and we have some orange cones down in actually this is a really bad spot for this one southbound at cesar chavez in between the two middle lanes got three of them looks like they're causing sudden braking so chp again going to have to go get those out of the roadway and if you're taking this morning we have fifty nine trains not one of them reporting any delay almost twenty one years ago a young black man named curtis flowers was convicted of horrific crime the murder of four people in a small town in mississippi he won his appeal but the prosecutor tried him again he's now been tried six times for the crime and a lot of people think he's innocent i thought that he done this big fash live the proof mississippi mississippi you know we all know would go down and mississippi once we get you in the courtroom if you black we gets i'm madeline baron host of in the dark a peabody award winning investigative podcast from american public media we're looking at the story of a man caught terrifying loop of injustice a story of one man's fighting for his life in the dark season two begins may i listen and subscribe now on apple podcasts no more of the morning show tuesday with brian sussman and katie green on talk radio five sixty k sfo this is really amazing katie.

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