Russia, Mark Levin, European Union discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


Today Zacks landmark dot EDU it will just about everyone carrying a smartphone we're witnessing more of these incidents a Los Angeles police officer now facing charges for an incident in April now charged with felony assault under color of authority LAPD officer Frank Hernandez could be looking at three years in jail if he's convicted this altercation caught on witness video and on body worn cameras Mister Hernandez who's now been stripped of his police powers can be seen appearing to repeatedly punch a twenty eight year old Manuel Hernandez is partner walk ABC's Alex stone after European Union countries objected twenty two house Republicans are writing president trump telling him it is a mistake to reduce U. S. troop strength in Germany after years of complaining the US spends too much to defend Europe the president's planning to pull nearly ten thousand troops out of Germany house Republicans saying you will not only hurt European security help Russia but make it harder for U. S. troops in the Middle East that depend on the German way point for resupply ABC's Andy field in Jupiter Florida Shawn Michaelson admits having been drinking one he led a twelve year old girl drive his vehicle cops curbed it after the girl made an illegal U. turn then led a chase during which speeds it eighty five miles an hour Michaelson says he wanted to be the cool father although he's not the girl's father just friends with her mother Michaelson facing a bunch of charges this is ABC news America has never been so divided now David Horowitz's blitz exposes the media war on president trump and their secret agenda to stop him already a number one bestseller mark Levin says blitz is indispensable.

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