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A while fifty four just lipscomb news the high darren good monday morning tee every betty we are going to wake up with some really thick fog in the south end and at the same time where it contending with gusty winds of north and closer to the canadian border some of those wins could start working down the slopes to the cascades into the flight health communities evening here that when whistling through the trees ran his decline entered north banning him class we hadn't early monday morning lows mainly in the forty some spots with assad dropping into the is in the south sound eventually blue skies and sunshine for monday with high labeling the 50s to the low 60s halloween trick or treat looks great as well in the komo weather center i'm meteorologist shannon o'donnell it's a northwest lifestyle weekend on komo is the bosch show continuous welcome back to the by show of statement on the psychology guy arm jim house or in the business guy in in based on some very first hand experience with myself and others i compatible list of the seven deadly sins of leadership tom thumb that was much much worse there was pressure so that was a my little pony asian or something of his work so the via hurry so the first was biased the second was disorganization of third was indecisiveness the fourth was attachment to ego number five was secret nisar secretiveness or lack of transparency number six in ah you know i've talked about this a million times i become more and more strong in saying that one of the deadly sins of leadership is is frankly intellectual laziness the the the unwillingness to be a student of the world around you the unwillingness to expand your horizons through through reading through study through conversation through travel or whatever it is it really makes a big difference to your leadership if you worry wellinformed wellrounded person so it's about having the intention that you're constantly manifesting of being a lerner in life being a lerner in life and not just about business stuff bray about stuff in general you said you can learn a tremendous manager leader by reading novel and by reading the new york times sunday edition and things like that and and i in i i i feel like a little bit of a snob sometimes when i say that you are a little bit maybe.

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