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Finally the day is here Greg Jarrett definitive book on all. Of this deep state corruption and mess. That has consumed the country although the media ignores it this book is a a well documented well. Researched literally chapter and verse, on, everything you need to know it's. Called the Russia hoax. The illicit scheme to clear. Hillary Clinton. And frame Donald Trump I watched you do this because your officers literally two doors from my office and I'd watch you you'd be there early in the. Morning it'd be there late at. Night and you just pounding away on your computer at your first book it is in my last no I told you it was horrible I would want you. Doing grueling and most people. Have some assistance I'm on, my books I, had editors I had people help me you didn't have anybody help you know I. Wrote every. Single word of it including all seven hundred footnotes now I. Mean it was a part of it, was can I really do this and. In. The beginning I wasn't sure I could go I said you're going to. Hate, yourself heading into it kept telling me you gotta keep your head down focused you know and show seven hours a day. Seven days a week for, the better part of five months this. Is something, that I think you learn to. Like on a lot of days like I've watched. Mark Levin he writes all his books David Limbaugh watch writes. All his books and I've been to their homes in the process of it, oh yeah one room. In a house will be consumed your, entire office zoomed with papers in piles and researching but it really is an important book yes in. In the more I got. Into, it in the more I discuss Covered would which is why readers of this. Book will discover a whole lot they never, do I became incensed and then I became angry and to. Borrow your word if you minutes ago apoplectic oh you know was an outrageous abuse. Of power by people we. Are supposed to trust to, act in our, best interests America's best interests in fairness and injustice and they totally abused you knew. The facts. And I learned a lot so much I learned that I've. Forgotten but I gotta roll Greg Jarrett, good is she when we come back. Jim. Jordan freedom caucus member of Ohio he's apoplexy and he'll explain why next.

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