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I I really wanna Robby Anderson back I have to tell you yeah and I I give Robert out in that vein I give well the credit you know that he wanted to be more than a speed guy right he run it and and I'm not saying that and I'm not going to get into screaming today I'm I promise I'm not and I don't think we will anyway right Adam gase said at one point that he thought Robbie I don't remember if he said more tools in the tool box or you know one of those Jeez you sometime right he doesn't get in I took that as Robbie Evans by Anderson doesn't just have to run go out and we did see him with more crossing patterns this past year we saw not much better playing the ball in the air the contested balling coming down with it and we just talked about so I think there's credit to go around there but you guys know me enough well well enough that I like the individual getting taking credit sometimes getting blame in this case I think Robbie gets a lot of credit so where is his market right now I didn't know what I thought you might ask me that next and I was petrified I don't know how it would take to fight every day would I don't want it to be petrified every day I don't know where he is marketed here's what I would say they'll it it would not surprise me if it's not where Robbie and his representation hoped it would be because guys the last read thank you right right roms once you've heard yeah and yep Harwich a lot of them guys are polished and are ready to come in and run a good portion if not all let's say a good portion of the route tree you know that there where there is some of them may be beyond Robbie frankly in terms of being a polished receiver now they have to prove it at the NFL level I understand that but there are really really good receivers out there and I do wonder about the wide receiver market in this free agency because of that you don't want him do do me a favor right to join I have favorite stay right there all right we're gonna take a break we appreciate him Kim was better than you can nobody should shortlist shortlist could very well come back we got a lot more to talk about with him we got to get to the giants we gotta get in the rest of what the jets have done so far in this offseason so more football talk coming up with the great Kim Jones right after this with a ten ten wins A. M. coronavirus update I'm Susan Richard governor Cuomo orders nonessential businesses.

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