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If you're clues the state department says two cuban diplomats have been kicked out of the country after incidents involving some americans at the us embassy in havana so some us government personnel who were working at our embassy in havana cuba on official duty said they were there are working on behalf of the us embassy there they've uh reported some incidents which had caused a variety of physical symptoms spokeswoman heather nauert did not go into details about what might have happened to the state department workers however she did explain they reported unexplained physical symptoms and had returned to the us i'll fox news host is suing a reporter eric bolling who swelling of defamation lawsuit for fifty million dollars over a story that led to his suspension from the network the suit against huffpost reporter yashar ali false and misleading statements about the plaintiffs conduct and character these story published on friday claimed that bowling sent lewd text messages and photos to female colleagues at fox several years ago at walmart apologizing for display in one of its stores a photo posted on twitter showed a case full of guns with a sign above at reading on this school year of like a hero it drew swift condemnation in the retail giant responded by calling the display horrible you're listening to the latest from nbc news radio president trump is feuding with mitch mcconnell over the senate majority leader's recent comments about the lack of legislative accomplishments the kentucky republican blamed trump and others were setting early timelines forgetting big things done trump fired back on twitter writing mcconnell said i had excessive expectations but i don't think so he also question why republicans weren't able to repeal and replace obamacare after talking about it for seven years looking for a special gift for the person who has everything bills in for as the answer an elegant piano that once belonged to elvis presley his up for auction on ebay the piano was reportedly a fix year for a decade at graceland elvis's father vernon presley sold off the white piano 119 seventy six and apparently lost its place of pride in the price lee music room after priscilla presley presented her husband with a gold leaf piano for his birthday in nineteen sixty nine bidding on the white piano going on now through august 20th on ebay bills zimper nbc news radio venezuela's newly elected.

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