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I of course we're not show up that you saw like a where are they now kind of thing and she i think she sells clothing now or something she's a clothing designer and i think she still choreographs because she was another choreographer very very popular choreographer who ended up in front of the camera and her one big hit was mickey which is classic all right so next here is ace of base the sign and then they had a they had another one right all that she wants is another baby that was their only two hits right they so they're out of sweden i'm not a fan of ace of base let's see the here listed as one of the worst videos of all time i the tiger by survivor that's just a performance video yeah i was gonna say i think i've ever seen the video did it wasn't i if i remember correctly it's a performance video and they i think they intercut scenes from rocky three and it right i mean they have to because that was seems knock three and i and i would assume because it's from one thousand nine hundred that the clothing is bad in the hair is bad that would be my guess as to why it's possibly included here as one of the worst videos of all time all right how about kokomo by the beach boys brutal is that a john stamos espn john stamos playing drums in that and it's from the movie the fantastic movie cocktail with tom cruise i was listening to the cubs game last week at some point and somebody's i can't remember one one of the players father one of the players father father's was the guy who taught tom cruise to flip the bottles in cocktail yeah i don't know i wasn't on the cubs it was on the team that they were playing and one of the guys one of the one of the infielders on the opposing team his father taught tom cruise how to flip the bottles and cocktail yeah and said that there were a lot of broken bottles when they were training him yeah kokomo of each boys just embarrassed.

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