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The runway eight hundred people dead my dad was still in the faa when that happened he was still a an accident investigate and that was the worst crash it never happened on the air happen on the ground so there you go some contact lawyer was up side seventy eight seventy nine how it's okay ten arief t n e r a f e in the canary islands as the spanish island and yeah the tower controllers were watching the world cup they were distracted a qualifier in watching a qualifier there the aired the rub the airport with fog in they didn't see the panam missed the peel off the taxiway and they sent kale it the last words of the calum pilot a dutchman delays last words were he him alone peng kaka heaven and pancakes that's the equivalent of holy crap to a dutchman oh and enormously an america would would've said hanley f wording ass and then karanka but no the dutchman said heaven and pancakes and then he hit the pan am plane wilder decorative this abruptly local uh sunday including air and air to ground a trivia kfi am 640 more stimulating talk michael shapiro the news kaitlan jeter fairly says his can is that a rerun for the us senate in california the la times says dinner a transgender activists said that she is considering a run and as he likes the political side of it in a radio interview in new york she's apparently eyeing diane feinstein seed in 2018 she says he's going to make a decision within the next few months generals a life long republican and supporter of president trump and his brought to you by you the con global firefighter still working on the fire burning in santa barbara county the fire has burned more than eighteen thousand acres it's thirty six percent contained a fire was reported i july eight them feminism mountains on both sides of the highway 1 fifty four local officials say the twenty seven other people have been evacuated seventeen homes have been destroyed by the.

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