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Two sixty one a gallon in Bloomingdale shall at army trail and Glen Ellyn road has gas for two fifty nine WBBM news time nine thirty eight time for traffic and weather together on the agent here no delays on the outbound or inbound Kitty outbound is heavy from the burner change to North Avenue it's fourteen downtown the Montrose twenty four back to the airport inbound heavy from the Ohio feeder to the burner change taking a twenty two oh here to downtown twelve from the junction express lanes are eight minutes I'd never outbound is clear inbound note it's heavy damage to the burner change thirty to route three ninety downtown nineteen from Mannheim Stevenson outbound is looking good inbound slow from route eighty three to the lagrange road thirty four three fifty five to the drive twenty two from the tri state a fifty five through will county southbound heavy US six to pass arsenal due to road work in north bound as heavy approaching Lorenzo Rhode Island also that ongoing construction is in both directions down to one lane between river wrote an arsenal until November twentieth they ran out down is good inbound heavy eighteen to the warrior change taking seventeen ninety fifth on the N. I. fifty seven is good in both directions with report delay free lake shore drive south council proceeds cobweb any northbound flow through Grant Park then approaching Chicago Avenue as well tri state it's clear southbound and northbound though the latest Jane Adams looks good Ronald Reagan is the incident free Venice moral cellphone is still slow result vote but a full wrote due to construction of the right lane and heavy I eighty eight to maple due to construction of the two right lanes and northbound heavy approaching maple Avenue due to construction two right lanes I get track the weather together on the eight every ten minutes on newsradio seven eighty and one of five point nine FM WBBM accu weather will see some clouds around four to the late a few showers and thunderstorms will develop later tonight and continue into tomorrow.

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