Amanda, Peter, Butch Jones discussed on The Paul Finebaum Show - Hour Four: Booger is traitor!


Former friend sec network turncoat amanda had to change his twitter account to espn booker and said as he see booger anthony mcfarland hello anthony while we do have become anthony because i could you said your friends call you booger and now that you've graduated you got called up to to do abc games i am not going to be making probably eight to nine million dollars a year i feel like i got a call you buy your government name i don't feel like we're friend i don't i don't feel like i hang in the same circles as you anthony anymore well first of all be a command million dollars who's really overexaggerated by about eight to nine billion dollars uh number one number two a man uh sometimes you got calling in when you crawler in in you call well you start walking to lure earlier uh things are gonna be good man things are gonna be well but uh my analysis peter not going to change i'm still fame over probably they probably the most happy people for me right now for size my family or butch jones and kevin summit and beyond you're you're not the talk about that way you're probably still gonna be talking about him just all they know what people don't get to talk about him but it just won't be as much it is amazing i joke around ebook i'm so happy foyer there's no doubt it's a it's a great move for you great move for our company and you get a chance to do that for those who don't know tell everybody kind of what the new gig is um and so for everybody can understand that.

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