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You saying. Here we go. Greg's choice. I didn't like that. You know, that was too peppy. Here's Greg's choice. Here's Greg's choice. Greg's choice. No good. Your voice correct Greg's choice. Yeah, that's what did her voice crack. In fact. You did. Okay. All right. A zlotys. You have a legitimate reason choice. There was a little crack in there. Okay, Eggs, right, Greg? What do you think? You think I'm paranoid? What I just said, or do you think I have reason to be suspicious? What? Why do people want to come to my house? Is there a charity drive every two weeks. I think you're just the tough thing. The answer. You're backing me in the corner. I think you're paranoid. Overall, you have these these ideas that aren't based on any kind of reality. The fact you won't go to a park Yeah, I won't get off absurd sense of importance. If there's a murder, they're definitely coming to look for me. No, no, no, no, It's not that first of all, Let's explain this. The reason Now, First of all, I will go to a park. If I'm with other people, and I want to go the park. I don't know what I will not do is make a routine where I walk through a park every day because And I know that I'm never going to murder anybody. So ultimately I'll be exonerated unless I'm framed. But my thinking is if something happens while I'm walking through the park Then I'm at least gonna be bothered and questioned and detained and I don't want that. So you gotta admit there is some likely I'll tell you something. Okay, maybe the likelihood If that actually happened, someone would come ask you If there was evidence you were there. Sure. They're big conversation. As you said, you'd be exonerated my neighbors talking the chances of this. This is the thing. The chances of that happening are so low to begin with. I'm not saying it doesn't happen. It's the same thing with showing sure. Is it going to crush more than likely know you getting in your car? That's more dangerous. Everyone knows this. But there's something in the head. I get it, and that's what's happening here. That's right. And I agree with you. Re with you. But here's the thing that I understand. If I don't walk to the park, it could never happen. That's completely taken off. What are you missing out on? This is your philosophy. If I don't do this thing, this bad thing can happen. So therefore, I'm not gonna do anything. I'll tell you a moment that I had in Florida. So I I walked on the treadmill when I'm down there. Try to get the 10,000 steps. And one day I decided, you know what the hell I'll just I'll just go walk outside and kill a drifter and actually did kill so there's no sidewalks. It's kind of another, not a fun thing, and I'm walking around and these little Neighborhood streets, and then all of a sudden one street. I look over and there is a sidewalk. I don't know where it goes. But I'm trying to get up to 10,000 steps anyway, so I just started walking and it's in a neighborhood and then I go around the corner, and there's a father and his daughter outside playing basketball. Whatever. And I'm walking by and I realized, OK, I'm just gonna go in the street, turn around and come back and I think of myself as like menacing. I know it's taken too long. But in your brain as you age, you still look out of your out of your skull, the same person, so I was always tall and somewhat menacing and had to deal with that when I was a young person and people would be a whole. What's that all about? And so I'm still seeing the world the same way. And as I'm walking back, I'm paranoid. I'm like all they're gonna think this big guy here he comes. He's not in the neighborhood He's like, and then at one point, and then all of a sudden I For one moment I saw myself ofher eyes. Untold guy shuffling through the neighborhood for you leased the person that you would least likely think is a danger but to me, I'm still 19 6 ft Four Menace. All right. I'm neurotic. I'm neurotic. OK, but it leads to a good radio show. Come on, let's look at the pros. Let's look at the pros. I'm not arguing that. But there's there's this center on self, which you are thinking about the other people. So that's that's why you bother people. You do have tendencies a tendency to go into narcissism. But this isn't you are thinking about other people. You don't want to impose. Bother them, scare them with your presence. But still it becomes about you. It was It was weird. Suddenly I flashed from their point of view. Old guy shuffling down the road. There has your As your walk changed at this point, I'm sure it must have. I'm still upright Walker. I'm not. I'm not hunched yet. Your joints hurting. You know what happens is if I do regular walking my 10,000 steps. Uh, Too, and, you know It's the knees and for some reason, the treadmill. It's the hips. I get through it totally get that I get through it. That's amazing. I'm not a scientist. It's amazing that people talk about this. They happened every human who's been alive. Not every some don't actually get old. But people get old and they suffer from these elements. And then when it happens to you, it's nothing new. But you talk about it as if it's no. Because in your mind somewhere you thought this would never happen. This isn't supposed to happen. Absolutely. We get here. No, absolutely. I remember thinking when I was younger, I thought older people were a different species. Somewhere in the back of my mind, Logic said. One day If I live long enough, I'm going to be one of those people. But it might if I was 25 thinking about the age I am now to me. You've been like 150 years not and I wouldn't think it was 100 50 years but so far away that it's not even worth thinking about. So, Yeah, it is. It's a novelty, but I'm over it. You know, I had trouble around 40, but you sound like you're over it. No, I'm over. It s O. Hey, Hey, it hurts to pee, but I'm over it. Hey, you look this. We're not talking about my bladder. Now we're not Eric's choices. Greg's choice. Stop here. It's bladder. It's Greg's choice. You got a choice..

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