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Launched in May? Well, that was a test mission. This is an operational mission with a crew of four astronauts ABC job Now here's what's happening around the state on Sacramento's news 93.1 kfbk. The CHP says All lanes are open on Highway one on the San Matteo County coast after a fatal motorcycle accident this afternoon. The accident happened around 3:20 P.m. on South Bound Highway one just south of Gray Will cove One way traffic controls were lifted just before 6 P.m. between Linda Mara and Montara Governor Gavin Newsom is encouraging people to wear a mask on Twitter. Today, Newsome reminded Californians at the Corona virus is not going away, he said The virus kills an average of 44 people every day in California. Newsome said. While vaccine welcome it won't come soon enough. The grown a virus pandemic continues to take a toll on the hotel industry and you report from C B R E shows that occupants he fell to 37% in California for March through August. The decrease in hotel activity also has had a significant impact on the hotel investment market. Specifically hurting luxury hotels. The most I'm Angelica Rubio Ha! Now Sacramento traffic and a very pleasant good evening to you. Just a reminder Highway 89 his clothes from 3 95 to 4 at Monitor pass. In addition Highway for is closed from 2 37 at the Mountain, Reba Chernoff Todt Down at Ebb, It's pass. And the Maxwell Safety Rest area on both North bound in South bound five is shut down in both directions for sewer work until December. 31st traffic on the tense every 10 minutes. Mornings and afternoons. See Ferreira dues 33.1 kfbk now Sacramento weather Actually clouds overnight low 39 to 43. Lots of sunshine Sunday.

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