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He'll be back. Don't worry about it. Don't you want to see some beautiful things, though? You should be following him on the instagram. But that's Holly Roberts. She and I were here with you. Yeah, doing our thing. And both of us kind of got into the Paris Hilton documentary that was on YouTube and we've heard a lot about this documentary. Because they tease it for a really long time. We knew we were gonna learn something about Paris Hilton that she had never spoken about publicly before, And it would kind of explain a little bit of Maura about who Parasol Tin is. In which ended up sharing has now since been shared by many people. But also Kat von D. Is adding her own name to the chorus of voices and that was about the abuse that she suffered. At the hands of the people who run or ran at the time. The Provo Canyon School S so this is a place that still exists in Utah and Provo Canyon School wants you to know now that they were ran by different people. When Paris Hilton and probably Kat von D because I feel like she was at Provo Canyon School in a similar window of time is Paris. Hilton doesn't mention that she knew or met Paris Hilton when she was at Provo Canyon School, But she's sharing her experience inspired by watching the documentary This is Paris. About her time at Provo Canyon School, and But I feel like it's really important to listen to these stories to hear what they have to say about their experience in places like this. So Kavandi releases on her instagram account a couple of days ago. I actually watched it yesterday morning. And I got through. Maybe I didn't watch the last five minutes of it. But I got the story of Kat von D. Telling about her experience at Provo Canyon School, she said. She was there for six months, She said she left with major PTSD and other dramas. Traumas Excuse me due to the unregulated, unethical and abusive protocol of the school, And she said she can't believe that this place is still operating. Kat von D. Her story is similar to Paris Hilton's, They found themselves as teenagers. Doing behavior that was quote unquote wild, at least according to the elders around her, So CAF, Andi said that she dropped out of high school, She was starting her tattooing career. They were behaviors that her parents were concerned about. And as concerned parents. They eventually found this Provo Canyon school, and they decided to send Kat von D. There. Her story is similar to Paris Hilton's in this is Paris, where she says that people arrived at her house in the middle of the night. To take her to some place that she didn't know. She hit the pause button on this because this was the thing that shocked me about Paris Hilton's story. Is that in her telling, and in her sister Nikki's telling of it. People arrived in the middle of the night and essentially kidnapped her. While she was sleeping. In the next morning, Her parents just acted like nothing had happened. And this is the same thing that Kat von D. Is talking about sleeping in bed. I mean, imagine, just put yourself in that space of like your soundly sleeping in your own bed. And you are Awaken to two strangers who then? Basically kidnap you on. You don't know what's happening, right? Like that is gonna engage some trauma response right off the bat. And what's hard for me about just even that small part of the story. Is that Theodore ts in their lives didn't go. Oh, hold the phone. This. It doesn't seem right, right and calf. Andi addresses that in this video that she put up on her instagram, inasmuch as she said. That she grew up in a conservative household. I think that Kat von D's parents are first generation immigrants to America, Okay, and they were trying to navigate, you know, being in the United States, and perhaps they found this school and they found people Telling them that this was a way. To quote unquote saved their daughter send us probably said This is the only way right? And this is a way to correct that behavior because you're concerned about your kid. You love your kid. What are you willing to do to help save your kids, so to speak, It's to send them to this place Provo Canyon School. And Kavandi details. The things that she saw and that she witnessed at this school. Now, she says that she was spared from the physical abuse and sexual abuse that she saw others be victims of. While they're well at this school, she said she avoided that. Because her whole M O was trying to get out of the school. She was like, Okay, I'm in this place. Now There seems to be a set of rules that I need to follow in order to get on the good side of the people running this place so that they'll let me go. She said that there was a minimum of three weeks said she had to spend their. Ultimately she spent six months At this school. And it's this is fascinating. And I think calling. We talked about it in the Paris Hilton Docuseries documentary that she talked about this. The whole third act of this is Paris. Talks about her time at Provo Canyon School. She gets reunited with some of her former classmates, and they get to have these really honest, vulnerable conversations about some of the things that are happening, and they don't really go into detail about The personal traumas that they may have experience right? I actually wondered if there was some legality around that if there is a reason why legally, they didn't go deep into those stories because Paris didn't The other women that she reconnected with who were at the school at the same time she was, they sort of seemed to go. A little bit more into detail, but still not all the way in. But you could tell that they were traumatized and that that trauma was lasting. And Kat von D Story is very similar to Paris Hilton's. It's similar to the other women where, she said. That she was given that her and a lot of other I don't know..

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