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I didn't have the big work in the middle and i figured at dusk time of doing that reading books you know picked up some books by richard branson and even studied some interesting concepts computer programming that i had thought of you know just to see what's out there in terms of other fields are other interests set i might have and so i just started doing that and just to see where the that got me and again i was working near still with rachel am what happened was rachel accedes was so inspired by beating people like myself meeting people that she stay with the arab e she said all i wanted to quit my job and moved to australia nice ahead and keeping it yeah yeah so she said okay warm i can do masters program a niche case issues a teacher and she decided she to ply to university sydney university of melbourne and is she got into university of sydney for a program that would start at the beginning of two thousand sixteen now taking well that's interesting if i want this relationship the last i should stick around sydney and so then i acts then i started the and this is about three months after leaving my job i was like okay will maybe i should look for a job just for the sole purpose of sticking around sydney so i certain just going out and having conversation surpri interviewed ten different companies and i was in dot analytics as i said in that pence has set him by ninety second clip and i really didn't want to get back into it because his way too much computer time of sitting around and i didn't want i wanted to be a meeting people because i really like i said i went from a very like introverted isolated person's abuse craving the need to be wrong people in and i can have more personal relationships so i found this company is company i'm working for now they were just stored up at the time so there about six people the cold daughter republican and they're basically again point now where theme all the details what they do.

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