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To Florida today to meet with the governor and see the destruction caused by a Trump co -defendant in the Georgia election case pleading not guilty to racketeering and conspiracy charges Kenna Chesebro who is charged with orchestrating the so -called fake electors scheme pleaded not guilty and waived his arraignment in a criminal case a three -year -old North Carolina boy dead after being shot by his five -year -old brother police say the shooting shooting happened in Statesville on Thursday when the older brother apparently found a loaded gun in a car the order has flown to a hospital in Winston -Salem where he died of head injuries investigators haven't identified the victim and it's unclear if any charges would be filed other stories were looking at here this morning it's giving update on the wildfire activity here around the state the college complex that cropped up last weekend and the Gifford Pinchot national forest between Mount Rainier and the Columbia River has now grown to more than 40 small fires totaling about 400 acres that's Elisa's latest word we have in a statement here from the US Forest Service the fires fires ignited August 25th by a lightning storm some 294 personnel battling those fires late block discovered august 28th nine miles southeast of Bellingham's burn 45 acres still Blue Lake fire the blaze about 53 miles west of Olmec has grown to a thousand acres as of Thursday 31 percent containment the dome peak fire this is a northeast of Mount Baker national forest uncontained as of Thursday holding steady just over a thousand acres where did hear confirmation both that gray fire and fire in the Spokane County area of course a great fire there at Medical Lake both confirmed as human -caused Fires if you're out about going camping and some of the national forests here in campgrounds look for signage pretty much burn bans in effect even for recreational fires it's 818 right now and then there were only two schools left in the once mighty PAC -12 conference bill Swartz on what's next for a pair of Northwest land grant colleges so fight fight fight for Washington state and big volunteers character Tom Tuttle from Tacoma pretty much sums up the mood of cougar nation on this September 1st Washington in Oregon State the last PAC -12 school standing Stanford in California accepted invitations to join the Atlantic Coast Conference in 2024 the move called regrettable by Oregon State University president JF the Murphy it's not really unexpected we are prepared for it and have been thinking about it these last few weeks OSU athletic director Scott Barnes understands the hurt and frustration felt by beaver fans whether it's beaver nation our student athletes our coaches we all want clarity on this situation and so hang in there we're working 24 -7 same for Washington State University president Kirk Schulz I think it's okay to be angry I think it's okay to feel leadership including me as president somehow let us down in the room and didn't the get job done to put us into a power conference the way maybe University of Washington or Oregon did because they play in the San Francisco market Stanford and California were attractive partners playing home games in Pullman and Corvallis not as much Scott Barnes says Oregon State does have some irons in the fire we're in a unique circumstance where we can't share a lot of information highly negotiations complex are going on Washington State's Kirk Schulz formed advisory an committee helping him and Cougars athletic director Pat Chun in an important decision one that altered crimson and gray loyalty and the way to do that is going to have people show up cheer on the student athletes and make sure that we keep the Coug experience a unique part of what we are if Washington State and Oregon State can't cobble together a new look Pac -12 they might be headed to Mountain West or American athletic conference I'm Bill Schwartz Northwest News Radio Bag Bill it's 820 here Northwest News weekend edition that we have here of your stock charge .com money in business update Jim Tesco with headlines thanks to a last -minute contract agreement its business as usual for the Victoria Clipper this weekend the ferry company and the union representing more than two dozen workers in

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