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Studios on Packard road in uniform in order to Michigan their phone in my very talented producer looking at me through the double glass making sure everything is alright because I am not mechanically inclined just a big thank you again to the museum of fine arts Houston and Helga or security of European art for sharing that very very important news that we have the first version of dollar because women of Algiers one of the most famous romantic of paintings from the first half of the nineteenth century and as Helga said spawned all sorts of other artists are being influenced by Dellacqua as well as his views of the Muslim world in the Middle East and along North Africa kind of like as I said it artistic journalists in a way these this branch of romanticism showing us what was really coming into the newspaper headlines at that time as these as these countries nationalist movements expansions empire growth were gobbling up other people and that has its huge downside and we touch a little bit on that the nature of women in that society but it was a time of great intellectual ferment scientific checks positional coming into it it was a great exciting time in very influential so many thanks to Helga for joining us again I told you this was a very important show a really great show because we we have a second half hour now with wonderful gas to celebrate the forty ninth annual exhibition art exhibition at the wonderful Michigan league at the university of Michigan I have Carol Miller and she'd Nagel Miller abre with miss yearly Mansfield fell over tarian friend of mine and her husband Brian who is good he's in the studio right now I know you're out there by the picture window you are now inside by the way you're sure Brian is almost the same color as one of the the feature of the Winterfell jeers Pena I was talking about there's a there's like a a shawl or something on the four same colors your shirt it's a very good you did your research it yeah and made a of cool Carney thank you so much for coming in live here in the studio forty nine years right I didn't want to wait to fifty why would why should I be with all the other radio people celebrating half a century I'm gonna get there you're right that was my idea congradulations I can't wait to hear about the wonderful exhibition tell me a little bit about it okay first of all we would like to thank you and then your whim radio for letting us promote our upcoming art exhibit at the university of Michigan league this show starts October one with the reception October sixth the show will run till the thirty first of the month the art group is a part of the university of Michigan faculty women's club we are the wives of faculty members partners and friends and spouses there are approximately twenty five members we range from beginners to professionals the armed group has existed for eighty years we don't look like it really this is our forty ninth art exhibits and is part of the exhibit of the university of women we have also shown at the student union the north campus mallet creek Ann Arbor library and our banks riverside art center in Ypsilanti and in two thousand twenty we will exhibit at the women's city club we meet every Thursday from eleven thirty to three and we have designated members homes that we've fade down one of our show consist of acrylics oils pastels water colors a variety of other media and subjects ranged from landscapes still lifes portraits abstracts photo enhancements any of our paintings were made from recent workshops conducted by the various members who have unusual talents such as balloon painting Saran wrap acrylic finger paving transfers and fluid acrylics most of these have been done these workshops have been done by Carol that is you know I I just wanted to say that you have been doing for eighty years and by the way you all look fabulous I I just I mean art yeah this is I've got to pick up a brush because whatever you're doing I've got to get involved with but you get what your organization's been doing for eighty years of I try to do very modestly for thirteen and that is to have the listener say I've got to make a unique statement and you make your unique cultural artistic statement all the time you're preparing for these exhibitions and I I just want to say congratulations and I take my thank you two years so that that is one of my eyes the media are always very that you use are very sophisticated and I'm glad that you mentioned some of those no once I see them a lot not only the exhibition every year but at the library and I see people stop dead in their tracks to look at those works you know as I do it just to see wonderful fine art in public places like that so again I think that's extraordinary thank you thank you many of our members as shown in hospitals athletic departments as myself resorts hotels Angie's governor's mansion calendars art books magazines private showings we have members from all over the globe the Netherlands Korea China Turkey India Bulgaria and of course the U. S. almost all the paintings are there to be purchased we believe that art makes them a better person a study of over ten thousand students found that one hour trip to our art gallery changes the way they thought and felt so come to our exhibit and change your life beautifully said we said Carol Miller th thank you very much thank you would you would you mind repeating that again because I think that the very end of that you bring up the fact which people forget about and it can be one of these great events in a person's life to attend an exhibition like this because you can have ripple effects through your family all of a sudden a child becomes interested in architecture to just say that again a study of over ten thousand students found that one hour trip to I art gallery change the way they thought and felt that is and my husband always says out my my art is better than a psychiatrist be but tell me is he an artist no absolutely not okay I can only imagine what his bills are not that that's what and you get to tell you that this is such a wonderful organization how did you get involved I've been involved with them for sometime early eighties and I just saw some artist in the group that I was interested in and I qualified to join this group through my husband and so I joined it and started painting in exhibiting with them I had just finished my degree and I phone such a camaraderie among the women that you just don't find every place Celts and the a check chance to work with people from all over the country and all over the world and so and am beginners and and professionals and sold the able to work with these beginners and learn things from beginners and I was a moderate beginner at the time I just finished my degree but I was still a beginner and so it was exciting to learn from other people and now it's fun for me to share what I know with some of the beginners just like Carol does here when she runs her workshops nonstop for the group she teaches some new techniques all the time so I think a lot of it is that it gives me another place to exhibit with a wide variety of people too I think that in the fact you're such a tight group and and others can of course joined I mean others you you you get more people in and you know you're giving workshops all the time conducting those I can't think of a better place than the Michigan league to have an exhibition annually like this that beautiful building which is kind of like it's almost like classicism meets art deco you I guess you could say it's got bows are elements to it it's it's got those sort of like those that those wacky windows on the second floor that are kind of like stained glass windows but you know what I mean by the I've had a little bit of the Art Nouveau release what is that is such a beautiful building and how much space will be taken up with the exhibition this year on the first floor we have we'll be down the hallway and also so there is a sitting area large sitting area will have paintings there too so I think we'll probably have about thirty three paintings hung up the arm at the league a problem someone that's done a painting of of someone's dogs to a beautiful piece by Marcy gray of a woman sitting Lonetree said and I'm a number of abstract pieces some of amount of Carol's workshop so we but we we I thought yeah butter colors from Doris boss who is one of our members that has been exhibiting for many many years she's probably the member that's been in the group up the longest right now and she's exhibited all over the country so there a lot of different genres I mean yeah it we have we're very blessed I I've known from from being here for sixteen years having been in the art auction business here Interlake combining the academic with the commercial I mean I've seen wonderful examples and I speak a glacier hills are from from from time to time also enjoying and talking about their fabulous collection that they have there and I'm absolutely amazed at the landscape lists that we have currently and sort of like recently passed but there is a real tradition for naturalist landscape whether it's an oil water color would have water color particularly strong as you know it's actually incredible but it's nice to know there's abstract to it is that sort of like Hey Carol that going in kind of like increasing now the abstract artists in our area will be who will be showing in in the exhibition or do you but is that because I see a lot of representational art not quite as much abstract what what is that situation now I don't I I think it you'll see a lot more and you see a lot more museums because people just just want to express themselves and they're not really into landscapes are still lives and but many the museums now seem to be more geared toward the abstract I mean when I was going to school I graduate from Bowling Green you started seeing a lot more abstracts bowling alma mater yes the actors yeah yeah and she I know she loves it there didn't even name the theater I think after eva Marie Saint I think I'd like to go well that's wonderful we had a lot of a lot of people that I painted west that they did a lot of abstract I stayed with you know things that I was familiar with like people and landscapes but now I'm into abstracts I guess is my age yeah hi I think you know what with abstract I think it's a synthesis of so much you know is so many influences that one has had and then to be able to put it in where basically I could say in a sense I cubism where you see the thing from all its sides all at once like a stained glass window like a Gary Larson single cartoon where the message comes at you just like that right there's an analytical scientific approach to it that I think is very part and parcel to our area with the university of Michigan you think I'm speaking of the right thing here am I going in the right direction that's what now what what when is the exhibition what one would be taking place and and and and it starts for the first of this month and runs to the thirty first so it's going to be here for awhile although it is that the pieces are for sale now did they say that they have to stay up for the length of the exhibition matters yes is shaking her head so that yeah I want to get you here matter you you're far from the microphone boom here but I know you have some stuff to say and I want you to be I get this mission structure all the pieces will stay in the exhibition until the exhibitions over and just be marked sold and now the last I heard for exactly.

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