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By now you've heard this story fitness trackers have reveal the location of secret united states military bases but the real story of how the news went viral reads like a hollywood movie script kim commando with your tuesday consumer tech update the thing about fit bit source smartphone fitness trackers is that as they track your heartbeat and blood pressure they also recorder exercise route with gps accuracy entered 20yearold old college student nathan reussir nathan's research into the ongoing wars in syria led him to discover map showing pinpoint heat sources on the earth's surface in parts of the syrian desert that were supposed to be unoccupied at one of those maps were overlaid with a daily exercise routes generated by fitness trackers showing activity in the syrian desert not far from the conflict zones there can only be one explanation unmarked secret military bases and if a twenty year old college student confine them the real enemy isn't far behind message to america's military get rid of the fitness trackers now i'm kim commando here's an incredible hellofresh dinner that your family's going to love and this is from my recipe list for this coming week and after busy day it's only gonna take forty minutes it's the whole low fresh grilledcheese tacos with fresh avocados salon shro autumn sweet potatoes and a fabulous roma tomatoes salsa the delicious meditarranean she stays firm and delightfully chewy when you lightly fry it best of all it's only seven hundred sixty calories as always the insulated hellofresh pack arise on the day that i choose with everything i need fresh chris an exact quantities delivered to my front door with easy to follow step by step.

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