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Show must go on. It's a whisper. It's a whispering in a special phone on Lee. I can hear it ringing. That doesn't mean we can't talk about it later. Oh, my goodness. The with before each show Nana Egans. You got him? He's here. I'm walking here. Always. That's the weirdest voice. You do. All right. So, um Get over. Here we go, guys. Let's get in a bucks at heat Heat won that point. Dogs at home Game three down 20. The Bucks beat the Holy hell out of him in the last game. Anybody here? Feel strong. I think this is the horror. I actually think this is the hardest hardest game on the on the agenda today. I think I'm gonna haven't better here. Yeah, go for. I think I'm gonna go bugs, but you might change my mind. No, I'm not. I'm gonna go bucks here as well. Um, I just I think that they're better. I think that they are rising to the challenge of this. I think we're gonna learn that. Maybe Having to deal with Miami and round one was actually good for them, as opposed to being too dangerous. It's going to put that right in line with where they need to be to go deeper than they ever have before, which sets up a really fascinating round two with the Nets, presumably S. I think this is close. I think Miami is not gonna get Blount for a second straight game. But I think that he the Bucks can win this game. You know enough to cover that point a half Kind of a gross ask, but I need more points to I mean, I know their home and they already point to have underdogs, but I need more points to pick against the bucks here. I also think the Buck's experience travels there. Several teams that I'm unsure of how well they're gonna travel, especially in this first game, But I think the Bucks will be okay. So I'm I'm with you guys. Milwaukee. I agree the counter argument to the boxes. They hit so many three point shots. It's a statistical anomaly. It can't be repeated in Game two and that role players are going to do that in Miami. That's true, But let me say this about the heat. Having covered the heat. There are two realities to Miami that they're sort of weird and interesting and neither what you're going to play out. I think in this thing one Is that heat fans are are fairly underrated. I think how much how passionate they are, because they're always on South Beach hanging out, but the arena is not a particularly difficult place to play. And that's always been offset by number two, which is There was a real measurable statistical effect in teams coming to Miami on the line with going to place a in Denver where the altitude gets you. Because guys would go out and party and I mean like, actually party. I'm not cool. I can't get into most places in Miami that were worth going to, and even I would just go out to dinner on a Tuesday night after a game. There will be eight in the morning. I will be at some bar drinking a margarita. I'm like, what am I doing here? It I'm serious. Miami Just just it has a night life that doesn't end And you would just you would see guys I remember going out and just like seeing dudes from the other teams wandering into a hotel that I was at or across the street completely wasted. Six in the morning. Not judging cause I was probably in a similar state of being, but I didn't have to go and play basketball. That's over. There's just not that kind of night life. There are protocols that are going on and the MBA and that has a measurable effect on how guys even in the playoffs, and I know people think that's not true. It just is like it's There's always a couple guys to go out. I I think it's a really interesting test from for the box. Because I think the heater good. I'm gonna play it so much urgency that they could be Miami in this game. I think it bodes well against broken. His broken doesn't play out. Then you understand defense, So I'm gonna It's a pass. I'm not gonna bet it. But if you want to get on with the guys, I'm going Buck, So I'm giving up the points. I love you. Probably shouldn't I love the songs. Well, seven against the Lakers. I know Chris Paul was his one armed now he is he's left handed, and I think the Lakers are probably gonna win the game. But I still think that Phoenix is a really, really good basketball team. And I think there's a real chance for actual inconsistency with the Lakers. LeBron doesn't look right even though he's hitting LeBron shots at the end of games. I've seen this Anthony Davis story before. He's not. He's not president, and he calls himself out in his president. Then he comes back out, and he's not president. I think it's a coin flip as to whether he asserts himself in the game seven minus seven layer is a huge number. I think the song you can win the game. I don't think they will. But I think they're capable of it. I think will be closed. Give me sons with seven points to the good for me. Well, I've been all in on the Lakers from start to finish here, So I'm gonna stick with them for this one in particular Island. Seven. Yeah, I think that's what you're gonna sweat this one of the very end..

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