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So much for being here this morning so the point I was trying to make before the hour so inconveniently ended the last hour was what are the Republicans stand I think Americans know trump supporters know where the president stands generally on the issues generally on the specifics maybe not so much hi and and I say specifics for example the trade deals what problem said he was going to do in the trade deals is not what he did yet all of his supporters supporter and he just doesn't mention any more the fact that the death the the trade deficit's going through the roof right the trade deals won't do anything to stop that whether they're pastor not not doing stop that we've already talked about that before the new trade deals well he's not gonna put terrace on to equalize he ran on that remember the biggest thing that he ran on was a trade deficit but the trade deals won't solve that supporters don't care the economy's good of the economy is good that really get you through almost everything right but we know when general on on borders very consistent right yeah consensus right on foreign relations we've been critical on Syria that he backed off on he's backed off a couple of times on on Syria but for the most part nothing is really going on in the world is right United States seems to be for the most part were suspected without getting into new wars right yeah yeah something that even Democrats would would like so the the and and then on the economy like I said the of be the they cut the economy's doing okay we have to that we can keep two to two point five percent growth the American public probably quite pleased with that when you see the unemployment rate and everything else that exist out there that's good news for the president the point was bringing us what is a Republican Party stand now we know where they basically stand on the issues but are they out there promoting it every day are they out there promoting it every single day so those that don't pay it as much attention to us that may not listen to read I or others out there who understand what the Republicans are doing you've got a market all the time twenty four seven three sixty five what do you even have a cohesive coherent consistent message coming from the Republican Party all the time no if you look at the leadership right now you look at leaders of the Republican Party where they tied up in always responding to the Democrats on something the trump has done correct or alleged that trump has done let's put it that way leads the the the trump has done I believe that's also something that the Democrats which you know which to do because they know their candidates for president are extremely weak we can keep everybody in the Republican Party busy because of this the Republican Party needs we've said this for the longer this is not anything new and it didn't start with trump the Republican Party has been on messaging way before trump yeah yeah yeah but but I can't for ages right but I can't see I can't deal with that we can only deal with the present and this is where you do need a president that does have a big bull horn and this is where you do need and I don't know how long it's going to take and I don't think they probably can do it I've met maybe Brad par scale because of the messaging will be able to save you know twenty twenty four them with the the with the the the the presidency and hopefully keep in the Senate because that's critical especially to Supreme Court nominees I don't know how long it will take them to do what they haven't done it yet to my satisfaction but you need to be out there on a consistent basis not just you know not just criticizing the Democrats but you need to be promoting what your plan is better why free markets is better you need to be explaining political parties what it's very easy for the Democrats to explain what they want to do Hey everything's free nobody has to pay for it except the rich right that's their message yep and they get laughed on it even by the left the left knows it's not possible but that's how they decided to put their message out there but we all know what the messages it takes a little bit longer for Republicans to do it when you start talking about free markets and how free markets work you've got to be able to do it it's gonna take a little bit longer to explain that but you could also look at them and say they're lying there they're lying there you're going to pay the taxes you're going to pay the taxes with the money in the Republican Party is able to raise I do think that's still a lot of it is an effectively spent on on advertising but you need to get your server gets out there in in whether it's a mid term election whether I don't care what it is whether it's that during the middle of the summer you've always got to be promoting a coherent message one of the geniuses of Newt Gingrich was he put together the contract here's a word about this this this this this does the Mets where is that with the Republican Party that's how you do it because then that becomes that's it this is our this is our contract this is what we wish to do this this this this and this and here's why this is better and here's why and you've got to come out and you've got to do things like that and work for Gingrich there's a reason at work it was simple to understand here's what we're about this not this this not this this not this this not it's not that hard you can come up you name in June you don't even need to do ten things you can do five things and you can explain it in two minutes in a simple way and if people more interested well then they can find out more about it but they don't do that now they failed at it time and time again what's the last time they did it Newt Gingrich right here's why here's what our plan is better for you if you're a mom here's why it's better you want to find out why this is better yeah you know yeah the the website right here this this will explain it to you but you can take five different things everything from healthcare jobs economy taxes yeah right and you can eat you can even bring up you can even bring up the budget and future generation because we care about your children and your grandchildren you can still sell the deficit you can still sell being out and you can sell it in the right way because what do you do you talk about the children and the grandchildren you bring in the thing you bring in family we care I'm telling you it drives me crazy because I understand how the Republicans feel that they're always on the defensive sorry this is the card you but Hey these are the cards have been handed we'll see where it could blow up in the Democrats face but beside you have to always assume in a political party you're going to be attacked this is a new now the attack might be on trump unprecedented Hey they were going after bush every single day they were going after bush bush bush was Hitler bush was a **** it happens all the time it's part of what you signed up for it doesn't mean that you don't promote and come up with a marketing campaign so all of America understands what your party is about and they have failed they're not trump can help but I actually think the brand personnel will probably take care of trump alone yeah actually I am paying I think you're I think you could probably look for a couple of things that that might happen I think they'll go a bit of a different direction than the you know the the deficit stuff they some Republicans might do that but I think the president if if the internals are showing you know this concern over what happened on Tuesday in states he's probably going to pull some items from the avante a playbook things he's talked about before paid family leave uhhuh at tax credits for day care things like that that come right from his daughter's desk does your items that might that might be a reaction I'm talking more about what the Republican Party she'd still be hard to do short term and long term sure but you're right the president may do that the he may set the goal okay if the give me everything free is working for them let's try it too well because I I look at it and you you think about Marco Rubio and Mike Lee and what they did in and the tax cuts in getting the the fully refundable or the tax credit for our child tax credits lifted raised a great deal and you see I mean everybody all the conservatives were scratching their heads wait what do you guys still because it because at the time it worked and you know Marco Rubio Rubio's not running for president right now there's a help the Republicans it didn't help the Republicans but it it went along I think with part of the victory of getting lower tax cuts or or getting the tax cuts in and and lower tax rates I think when when you look at what the president has talked about in terms of again stuff the vodka has promoted that's going straight for the female vote paid family leave the they already got the child tax credits thanks though Mike Lee and Marco Rubio that was already done that was lifted and then add on tax credits for daycare and you're gonna get the years of female voters doubt that the difference is of course he has to get that legislation has to get fruit would have to you know he has to eventually signed it which means it has to get through both the house and the Senate and that's alright huge huge up hill battle but just promoting it that you would like to do it and talking about it and making it something that is not impeachment that is not rushing pollution that is not reactionary a reactive in nature because he reacts to everything well it's time to be proactive in in some kind of way at the rally sure the rallies be the majority impeachment rage exact or sure there or she went when you're out there doing the rally should the rally be about especially when you're out supporting somebody else when when it right back when you're when you're alright but that's again that's the the the president on some of the Republican Party in the losses that they saw because remember states it I don't I don't look you we could look we'll be talking and say look some of the Republicans did really really good there it was only the governor that didn't that didn't win so there was a specific message and or Pacific dislike for you know that that particular governor in Kentucky governor above and so on so you could see that there were differences there but I'm talking about the Republican Party as a whole the first five things that we believe in and you pound that all the time all the time because the Democrat message is simple free everything nobody has to pay except the rich they get mocked for that take that mocking that even comes from Democrats and use it against them right you know and and as part of it look here's a war about were about this this this this and this make it just five things and this is what we wish to do and here is our plan and you go out and you promoted and your release it and you talk about it and you run ads on it and the I don't need to be by the way if you're targeting female voters especially or or the suburban voter they're gonna have to be the very clearly demonstrated the family friendly type as you want to connect in the way that the family the people that are you know that are doing their budgets for the kids here we go again kitchen table.

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