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J. V program. Jennifer Horn, Victoria Keelan. When's the last time you can move on from that? Because you know what? Not right. You did way. You know what happened to the girl who had her cheese stolen? No. She chased after the guy and said, that's nacho cheese. Hey, guys, you know that, Jennifer Thank you and going back hysterical before that one day in 1943 their wives of U. S soldiers who were stationed for Duncan dropped in on a P. Address. Negras hot spot called the Victory Club this the Mexican border Town P address. Nay grass west of the Rio Grande crossed the From which sits Eagle passed. Kindly Go Paso and and last Ciudad Juarez. It's the same kind of thing s O u a manager named Ignacio not show Naya. I decided to throw a dish together based on whatever ingredients he still had left. Sounds like a man after my own height. Yeah, right. She's and shortly book for you. Whatever you have with water Royal Andi, I put Don't mix it with water. Usually I mix it with a little olive oil. And I a slice The fried tortillas into triangles added some shredded cheddar. And how opinion peppers and started a new tradition, which bears his name. That's why they're called not shows boys and girls. How about that? Big time. All right. So you want to repeat that joke again? Jennifer here once you know, you got only say that one wants this people go. Right. Right, Right. Don't forget our D. J. D. Sadie and Doug To change its Victorians in a Victorian now know the D J V download every day. I know what three or four times a week we put together a number of things that we've talked about on the program and you can listen to them in their entirety. It's usually 15 20 minute robbed through a lot of stuff, the most recent one Our revelations from Jennifer and Victoria about their acting as they were young acting triumphs. I think there's a way it was put Also we take a shot at Ann Hathaway, who has wind and complained and apologize them. So sorry if I hurt anybody's feelings, how many people believe that was Something that was from her heart. Think so. Anyway, you've got me problem is I haven't I've been ambivalent about Anne Hathaway with you, Victoria. You sending me down the pipe when it comes to her? Anyway. All right. What else do we have on the download Warner brothers eating a little bit of crow. Some Christmas plans that we talked about in the hottest names in babies, which I think sounds kind of weird list. But if you want to hear the weird list Check out the latest D. J V download at D. J V show dot com where you get your podcasts? That's so if somebody wanted to know. What did Road Island I kind of dropped this in a few minutes ago that rode out. Everyone's like, Wait. What is Rhode Island called now called the state of roadies. It actually became a state in 17 90. Name the state of Rhode Island and Providence plantations. We've always called it Rhode Island, but now somebody thought it was important to change to dump Providence plantations. On Tuesday, supporters of the measure said the change was important to break away from the history of slavery. So was it that all plantations had slavery and remember that that's the connotation, right? What is it is it just called the same Rhode Island now? Providence Plantations gone Zo Providence still exists. As a matter of fact, we're about to get on the radio station there. So down. I love I've love Rhode Island. Newport is amazing. And Providence is a fun town. My friends who went to Brown and didn't your daughter go to Brown? Yeah, yeah, that Zen like down and she was there anyway. I remember going down there at Wells Avenue. If you remember that's where all the Italian restaurants are. I worked in really Good Italian Jr. I was a booth announcer W. J. R Channel 10, Providence. But I did every Saturday and Sunday night was big time anyway, The cove it's situation. We have not spent too much time for obvious reasons this week. But how is it different? What's going on with the White House Covert task force Victoria. They've put out some warnings. I know everyone obviously is focused on the election. But covert cases air still spiking ah, in hot spots around the country. And so the the White House task Force said that covert cases, hospitalizations and deaths nationwide are up and it's ah. So they put out some pretty dire warnings in after they still have weekly reports. We just don't hear about it as much. They wrote quote. There is a continued increase in cases, hospitalizations and fatalities spreading southward from the coldest climates as the population moves indoors and cases and cases in increase exponentially. They said in multiple states, the taskforce I's warning state and local officials that there must be clear messaging toe Act now largely, this focuses on mask wearing, they recommended. Do not gather without a mask with individuals living outside of your household. That's a that's a big one that a lot of people are just Seemed to have abandoned. I don't know why. But you're supposed to stay within your pod of people. You know who live in your house or neighbors trusted neighbors who are you know, kind of living the same way you are. You should always wear a mask in public stop gatherings beyond immediate household until cases and test positivity decrease significantly, which who knows when that will be North Dakota right now remains the state with the highest number of new cases per 100,000 population, followed by South Dakota, Wisconsin, Montana, Wyoming, Iowa, Alaska and now hit Alaska. Nebraska, Utah and Idaho. That's the top 10. So those states got direct warnings from the task force, will they? I don't know. Well, they heed the warning. I don't know There's a whole lot of non mass squares out there and I I don't understand it, but I don't see any non mask wears. Well, you're in California. I see them in Jersey. They're everywhere. They're everywhere. Some lady actually yelled at me the other day because she didn't think I had a mask on and I turned around and I was like, Calm down, lady. I'd never take my mask off. Sorry. Anybody you're getting, like, really angry about it? Yeah, there. That's true. But we need to understand even Ken Crone house who? Well, that Ken's always been a mask where Jack wants you to wear a mask. It is that really will do some good. What is that? Might one micron. I wish he would tell us what the what model? That is so people could buy that because it's Yeah, I don't know. Because the end 95 mask is the standard one that hospital doctors, nurses wear three microns. Well, that's what all the hospital workers, so I don't know what he's talking about, then. Well, he gets off on some of his teams. I love Jack. I'm not saying anything. Yeah, I don't know what he's referring to them, because the N 95 do it, He said. You might do it the right way. If you're going to go to the trouble of getting a mascot, a one micron Basket. When you go Where do you buy him? You could buy him anyway by Home Depot waiting.

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