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What's up good to talk though uh i'm totally call imitated upfront about them the band applied fire but i've got the flight fired axel flight firebrand uh there that was a right around between 399 it or ninety nine i shouted on a a and an air fifteen uh though hartinah brought up the practical back uh they're they're they're recoil of it even overstocked going back and forth basically he shirt dark shooting at turtle and at the end of it well round your shooting it because this thing with and you're trying to old on for dear wiped the thing that really take a lot of not yet accuracy in practice but physical strength now that he may have had a couple of o in a in a motel room but i just don't believe the fat what he was using uh because after you put 330 round spirit eight back to backing up or he had to have larger maggs obviously but after three thirty barrel mad at forty five years old you're worn out it's got near way he because of their kids we the music's kidman start lusofona was uh many why yes there it is yeah we'll we'll talk about on the other side because there is a lot of this information of misinformation come inbound i don't know what's one but we'll get into with them and the wtn news center i'm pam on the ferry yahoo says all and it's threebillion user accounts were breached in a 2013 hacking and it previously said effected 1 billion accounts tech company says new information came to light with the help of outside forensic experts that is the latest wellness institute of nashville brings you this news traffic and weather next time him.

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