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Kappler is of former big leaguer he has worked for front offices worked in player development he has been a minor league manager in the past he is not like the wonky stat head who doesn't know how the game works and can't talk to players or anything like that mean he may not talk to them like most managers talk to them but he peace at home in cup has he spent plenty of time in them so i hope it doesn't become sort of situation where you know it just flames out in such a notable way that you don't get to see someone else pushing the envelope for years to come because it's you know we don't wanna keep kappler on her hands my sense is that kaplan does have the full support of the phillies organization knowing like there's there's media coverage then there's team evaluation and from what i've heard so far the phillies really aren't that concerned at all now that was granted before the homie milner to asian so i i don't quite know what you do there but that seems like it should be a pretty fundamental to take care of and not so much purpose defense but just as further evidence that people love to rip on first time managers aaron boone has gotten some new york media criticism because tommy canley david robertson allowed home runs which doesn't really seem like aaron boone's fault but i don't know i haven't bothered to read the articles cause i can't emphasize enough that i don't care but come caylao to two run homer to justin smoak and then david robertson allowed a grand slam to justin smoak and then the blue jays beat the anki seems like aaron boone did what he was supposed to do but i guess he did what josh donaldson was intentionally walked which look i kind of get it but if you look at david robertson he's like a lot better against left handed hitters than right handed hitters just a smoke was going to come up and bat lefty against him and justin smoak has been better against left handed pitchers than right handed pitchers so seems fine.

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