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Opening up heavy duty today big boy, I gotta tell ya. I I mean, I've known for most of my life that. Drugs prostitution organized crime were a mainstay in our society. Right. But I gotta be honest with you. I didn't I didn't realize the depth of sex trafficking. How dangerous that was how rampant that was until the last couple years. I think the envelope has been pulled open on this sort of thing. And now we got an incident that the Enquirer folks, did a great job of this sort of thing happening right here in Ohio. Let's get our guest on to discuss here on the acute hearing centers dot com hotline. Bob stickler how you doing? We're doing great and Bob this story has land on the front page of USA today. Earlier in the day. I saw and we're talking and what rock was saying. When you think about stuff like this and somebody peddling in them using their influence over people, and basically evil stop you think of a bigger town, you think of New Jersey, I think of the Cleveland's cities and all that type of stuff we're talking here about Portsmouth, Ohio. Right. And it's talented sheriff problems, and clearly there's a lack of oversight in positions of power and. Kind of one of those situations where there's a crack to be found to take advantage of people that are in Spanish positions people in power going to find it so baba explained does he had a great article this morning by just give us the thirty second version of the things you uncovered and found going on just from my sex trafficking and drug standpoint there in in Portsmouth guy, you guys involved in the first place. I used to work there. Newspaper editor for the paper there. And when I was there we used to hear these we're accusations of sex trafficking and prostitution and then last year a federal affidavit for a wiretap leaked onto Facebook. So we obtain a full copy of that and someone's rumors that we have been hearing for years and dismissing because they were just so outlandish or were written about by DA official. So essentially this guy would give legal counsel to women in exchange for them going on. Eight other powerful men from around and around the country and. Keep them. Hooked on drugs. This is Bob strictly from the Enquirer. And as forward centers on this one fella. He's a he's a defense counsel, correct and Portsmouth, right? And a former city councilman. And this guy's name is Michael Mirren is Moran. So especially in the article, Bobby, you know, what you guys described was I guess there were these women who had drug charges opioid charges. He would basically go to them and say, hey, I know the judges, I know the bro officers things that I can get you off some of these charges if you go into the sex trade industry, former is essentially what was happening here. Yeah. Organiz thing from what we can tell it the allegations that were made by the federal documents at hawk just sort of informal organization where he would introduce these girls. And the end of the night. They'd take them upstairs. How many women are we talking about over? The course of of how many years, you're Bob. Well, some of the women have said there's been more than fifty but the federal documents say twenty seven instances, and then who who was paying for some of these services. I think from what I gather you guys uncovered some some names and people in high places that were paying for these these sex services that correct? Yeah. The the affidavit also up data saying with their local businessmen involved medical professionals. Judge. Actually, see drug cases. So these women say that he was at parties with them. And the next day or something like that. Court. Bob strictly from the Cincinnati inquirer is our guest, and Bob, that's that's another thing rock, and I kind of talking about this yesterday when we're talking about doing this story with you is when I wanna hear sex trafficking and forced prostitution all that stuff. You think of some bad movie were Liam Neeson writers kidnapped off the street and forced into prostitution and stuff. But I from just one I'm reading from from you guys on what I've also heard outside of this is that it is exactly like, this is basically like you're lured into it. And then you got no way out is that correct? Yeah. You feel like you can't escape the situation because you're powerless and you're in the grips of addiction. And or the means. Describe that for Bob. I think the, you know, the average person that doesn't really know the depths of this says, well, why wouldn't they just leave right? No one's holding a gun to their head. Why wouldn't they just leave leave town? So what what would these women when you guys interviewed them that were forced into the sex trade industry? What would they tell you? What was the reasons why they were kept in this in this sort of thing? This is the only way that they could make some money or drugs or way to obtain drugs and then at the same time. And Trump law enforcement because they felt that they ran on it, and you had several one and tell us that. Remember numbers in the police department were customers so to speak. So the people that you wouldn't go to say, hey, help me out or in on it. Quays the women. Now, we're all these women from the Portsmouth area because it seems to me I mean policemen not a big area. I mean, not a big town. What are we talking ten twelve thousand people maybe twenty thousand people in the city? Yeah. Around that area. And was it just around this area because Portsmouth south that far from here? Help for. Up river is Portsmouth for me. I'm not really sure about one hundred and five miles two hour drive. Actually. So it was it all around this area. Say cut do a, you know, a hundred mile hundred fifty miles circle around there. Or was it other play we talk and national or at least. Of women are recounted to us. In David trips that they took to places like Nevada to New Jersey to Columbus to Cincinnati. So. You know being hustled around. Smith property was regional operation. It's not. So this is a pretty complicated network here. I explained to us your baba. How does how does the customer get involved? Right. Who does the customer, right? The the man in this case. No that helps them says. Hey, I want this service, and I call how's it work? I don't think there was like a setup like all this number for right, right? Right. People. We talked to. Connection was all through brand. And that's what. Federal affidavit, which is still feel by the way. Well, that would set these girls up with these guys. So it was like, no. Into one. Well, one to talk on the record giving your name. And because you mentioned a minute ago. Some of these ladies that are quoted in the article that we're talking about here were really afraid there's going to be some kind of repercussions for this. Sure, we've found over the past decade in that region in southern Ohio as a whole more that doesn't case the women that were even involved in Toronto or some sort of prostitution that have gone missing. I found that. And that's one of the things that make them feel trapped. Europe becoming one of these missing women kept them in a game. Now, what about the Michael Moran? Golly. You I think you guys talked to him twice over the last year to what what did he say? What's his story? You completely denies everything. So it's it's all based on jealousy. Rumors. That he genuinely is helping people. He cares about his client. If people talk about him. Any sort of in the city openly. So it's been like a thing that everybody's known about never really any traction by federal documents anymore. What about just this entire industry? Bob, did you what was maybe the most fascinating thing or horrifying thing? You learn about it. Well, I think it's. The type sex trapped in that are present it out there. You look at the Robert Kraft situation, that's an entirely different method. It exists. Those women were trapped with allegedly as well it and actually different ways of presents a position of power seeing position of advantage over somebody and exercising. Bob strictly our guest editor at the Cincinnati inquirer. And Bob and European. Why haven't the feds or law enforcement of some nature come in and clean house on this matter? I mean, it sounds like a lot of people are on the take there in that area. So. The feds got involved we learned over the course of our agencies are investigating this exact thing. Why didn't move on it? I can only speculate that maybe these women weren't talking at the time. And now that they're out of it. And they're not ashamed to move. And maybe that's fueling them to come forward. All right with that. Bob will let you go. Thanks so much for talking to us. Good stuff strictly editor the Enquirer. I mean mentioned a network run out of little cya county. Portsmouth, Ohio has a reach is getting has customers only out in Nevada and all throughout the midwest pretty significant. Well, like, I said when you think about something like that, you think about the mafia like jersey and Philly and all that kind of thing. But I I mean, it makes sense. Once you, you know, you're you're read into and you and you talk to him. It's you know, this is a town. That's been destroyed the manufacturing industry, right and Portsmouth was right. And what in the twenties was booming big time stuff. And now, there's no jobs there. There's no work. There's a lot of poverty, which means a lot of drugs and people are trying to find a way out of that cycle. And this is one of the things they seemingly one getting trapped.

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