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Sanjay Gupta Senator Mccain, America, Football discussed on Imus in the Morning


With the polls six amused g eight summit lake city crowd cumulus station well wishes were mccain lawmakers widened probe i'm john trout doctors say arizona senator john mccain has a brain tumor unaggressive cancer known as kaleo bless doma a statement says the yearold and his family are reviewing further treatment this is one of those types of tumors that is a dozen heavy particular care is not a at type of treatment that you can say is going to likely to cure the types of treatments typically are a combination of chemotherapy and radiation radiation to that part of his brain doctors sanjay gupta senator mccain's best friend in the senate south carolina gop senator lindsey graham spoke to mccain by phone last night i talked with john stay or a little bit longer take some treatments and i'll be back and we talked about five minutes you know it's gonna be it the way for but he says i've been through worse members of president trump's inner circle will be questioned by senators next week regarding the russian investigation the senate judiciary committee will hear from donald trump junior and former campaign chairman paul manafort in a public session and corespondent jessica schneider reports the president's soninlaw will appear in a non public hearing aaron kushner is a definite he will be appearing on monday but it's a closed session the question there although we won't see it play out in public it will likely include what he knew about the june twenty sixteen meeting at trump tower what was discussed o j simpson's scheduled to appear before a parole board in nevada today juices nine years into a nine to thirty three year sentence after being convicted in a two thousand seven kidnapping and armed robbery at a las vegas hotel correspondent pulver came memorabilia dealer bruce from august as repeatedly told me he will travel to the lovelock prison so he can see simpson face to face and then tell the parole board he thinks the former football star did too much time for the crime simpson needs a simple majority vote to be granted parole on john trout in the developing world within than four hundred children appoint every day with a cut lip parliament in america these meetings have surgery but in many developing countries children with untreated class live in isolation they struggle.

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