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Our thanks to heroes at dignity health on the frontline of the crisis want to heavy traffic for Walnut Creek and Pleasant Hill from Chilton auto body trafficked as north bound six eighty slows at twenty four and gets heavier and heavier the closer you get to this accident scene that is right after monument or before two forty two that may still be in lane three also a jam up between Oakland and San Leandro on eastbound five eighty that's road work it's heavy from Keller all the way over to Denton and then it's bad again in Petaluma in the south bound direction from lake fill it down to Christina with road works and to stretch the flow on your way out of San Francisco this guy away is heavy from one oh one to the lower deck and then once you come out of the Treasure Island tunnel it's heavy again with an accident in the right lane down the decline of the bay bridge traffic is sponsored by redwood credit union now is the best time to use redwood credit union's free mobile and online banking to do your transactions from home check balances make transfers deposit checks and more sign up today redwood credit union for all that you love this traffic is closer by geico fifteen minutes could save you fifty percent or more on car insurance do you own or rent your home sure you do fortunately Google makes it easy to bundle your home and auto insurance it's a good thing too because having a home is hard work go to geico dot com get a quote and see how much you could save that could account for PC Ryan Murphy here for me cheese east coast pizzeria and if you're ordering food to be delivered to your home you want it from a restaurant and a delivery service you can trust on me cheese has been delivering your favorite east coast style pizzas pastas and flame roasted lemon chicken wings for thirty years and we are now offering one hundred percent no contact delivery ordered a meat cheese dot com or use their mobile app and.

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