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Hera the stories we're following for you. Suspicious packages sent to former President Obama, the Clinton CNN and others X or threats of political violence of any kind have no place in the United States of America. To North Texas. Teens arrested for bringing a loaded gun to school. Three o'clock. CBS news on the hour sponsored by theraworx relief. I'm Jim shanavie New York City. Police have reopened the area. Ron Time Warner center after an explosive device was delivered to CNN addressed a former CIA director John Brennan, one of at least six known devices. Most of them addressed a prominent Democrats, including Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Eric Holder. President Trump vows a thorough probe of the packages which have posed threats to public figures across the country to safety of the American people is my highest and absolute priority. The president says he's been briefed on the investigation. The packages are being inspected by top explosive experts and a major federal investigation is now underway. Steve Dorsey, CBS news, Washington. More from correspondent, Jeff gays. There is a thread here, a common thread, the people who are receiving these packages, or at least the people whose whose packages. Had been addressed to them while they have this in common. They are Democrats or affiliated with democratic causes. Hurricane Wilma came ashore on Mexico's Pacific coast last night and quickly wound down to a big rainstorm. Which is now centered over the south central United States, stretching from Texas to Nebraska reporter, Adrienne Bard is more on the storm's effects in Mexico escanaba about an hour's drive south of MAs lawn said they were glad they heated government warnings and stayed in shelters while hurricane Wilma came ashore this morning. Local officials described the mass the storm knocked down lampposts trees and the walls of modest homes. But so far it did not cause casualties. According to Mexico's top civil protection officials caravan of would-be migrants from Central America continues to wind its way through southern Mexico. Correspondent Adriana DEA. They're moving at roughly a pace of twenty five miles a day and at that pace, they're not gonna reach the US border until at least mid December. Now, the young man in this group. Of course, we'll be. Able to move faster than the women with children. So this group is expected to splinter in the coming weeks who won that one point five billion dollar mega millions jackpot a single winning ticket sold in South Carolina. Where winners can remain anonymous state lottery director HOGAN Brown board established that as a policy simply because it's very intrusive. What happens in someone could be hurt? Someone could be threatened people come out of the woodwork and they will help. And so yeah, it's their choice. It's the winters choice. They can decide to expose themselves to publicity if they won't on Wall Street another bloodbath with the Dow down six hundred seven points and the NASDAQ three twenty nine four and a half percent. The S and P down eighty five. This is CBS News to experience relief. From muscle cramps in your legs and feet, use theraworx relief fast acting foam get theraworx relief today in the pain relief at your local pharmacy or theraworxrelief dot com..

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