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Blue books. Jeff Ballard. We could watch you, Jeff. Jimmy. Good morning. The key stock indexes ended last week at record highs, the Dow added. 57 points in Friday's trading, the NASDAQ closed 134 points higher and the S and P 500 closed up 21 points. The conference Board's employment trends index will be out after the markets opened this morning. It can offer a glimpse into employers hiring plans for the months ahead. The Labor Department reported Friday that the number of U. S jobs shrank in December. Reports on small business optimism wholesale and retail level inflation and retail sales are among the indicators that will get attention later in the week. Senior administration officials say A new round of paycheck protection program money will be available to select lenders and borrowers starting today. CVS and Walgreens report that as of late Friday they had administered covert 19 vaccinations, toe about 900,000 residents and staff of nursing homes and assisted living facilities around the country. Back to you, Jimi. Alright. Thanks. It's 7 20 to run the program 7 22 on this Monday morning. Let's see. I got something here for you. All the sex and the city is getting a reboot. That's right. Actress Sarah Jessica Parker. Cynthia Nixon. Kristin Davis all shared many teaser trailer for the project called And just like that. Other social media accounts Sunday. The fourth co star Kim Cottrell will not be returning control made clear in 2019 that she would never reprise your role. HBO. Max says the new project will follow a character's Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte is they had The even more complicated reality of life and friendship in their fifties, serious wool Have 10 half hour episodes. They did not announce the release date, but said production for the show is set to start in New York in late spring. Well, what happens is they start running out of money. HBO's That's why you wanted to again. Let's go. And they're right back to it. Speaking of money, the revised estimated jackpot amount for Powerball now sits at $550 million, while the mega millions is now it's 600 million. That's before taxes and of course, before you take the cash deal. Mega millions draws again tomorrow evening. Follow them Wednesday for Powerball, right? So Was always hoping You know what? I saw that sex in the city story immediately Thought of you because all of these, you know these streaming networks HBO now and Netflix and stuff. We're talking a couple weeks ago about the increased their price 50 cents a month or a dollar a month. But when you've got, you know, 50 million subscribers. That's an extra $50 million you're making every month. Well, I've got a feeling and I think I think I think Disney is a billion. That was the story. Remember? They had a billion subscribers worldwide for Disney. And so every time they raise it a buck That's every month, right? Yeah, but what a deal. That's how they got the money to do all these reboots. You're right. Oh, yeah. I mean, there's so much money in this. You kidding? Everybody's coming out with their own streaming service. Not too, aren't they? I mean the hell with cable and satellite. Why don't I slap satellite? I'm not sure. They do. How about those, uh, Was games yesterday. How many? There were some pretty good games like over the weekend. I thought, you know that was I thought the one cool thing about having this what they called super wild card weekend as you had triple headers both days it was your football fan, obviously, is you and I are was a lot of fun to watch them on. What did what did you that? Were You surprised by anything you saw yesterday? No, I think a lot of people were predicting the Browns will come back when I'll tell you. What is what? What died over this season and over yesterday, the idea that coaches air right about beating the dog out of you. Every week and every year offseason program should be abolished right now. Football is the only one where they required offseason program. Was. Oh, today's OJ's no need And how about you know what you save a little bit on your life expectancy in on your problems as you get to be my age about that. Preseason. Why would you have four preseason games anymore? Not not necessary Didn't have any this year. Do you like the football is pretty good? These have eight. You know, until 1977. There were eight priests. Eight preseason game. Can you imagine? Six. I'm sorry. There were six Then. There were eight in the seventies in the earlier seventies. Six of that time for starting in 1978. When I first came in, and now they're gonna drop him down. I think three, but they need to get rid of them. There's no need. There's no need in the bronze didn't practice until what Friday or Saturday. Right? They look very good. Yeah, there coach was like in his basement watching the game because he was covert positive or something, right? Yeah. Hawass. Well, he was there, quarantining and Right? But, um The idea of beating up your players is a joke. They think all you gotta do this? No. The days of Vince Lombardi, you're done. Ladies and gentlemen, there done. I looked through the list of things that they'll pay you for now. Finally, the only the right thing The problems that you might have later in life that you got a check for by the league. Cause of all that pounding. Put a lot of money on to that because they listen to coaches and the Why no idea. There's no other players once in a while. I don't know about their bodies and what What's necessary to get ready for a.

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