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That steamfitters dash 602 dot org 11 48 traffic and weather on the eighth to Carlos Ramirez in the traffic center on the capital Beltway. The inner loop is dealing with some heavy delays on the approach towards the work zone. Past Kennel Worth Avenue. The delays begin just at about the Baltimore Avenue exit. They'll take you down towards the BW Parkway. It looks like single file to the right is what's getting you buy their interlude between Connecticut Avenue and over towards Georgia Avenue. Two right lanes get you by that work. Zone. Thankfully, volume is light. As you make your way over towards Georgia, the Beltway between Georgia Avenue, Connecticut. Similar story single right Lane gets you by their crud to 70 corridor, more or less up to speed. But we are dealing with the work zone. Just south of I 70 looks like the works on itself is gonna be along the right side of the road. So do be aware of that. As you continue southbound. You're very much up to speed all the way down towards the capital Beltway in Virginia outer Loop of the Beltway. Got the work zone just as you approach 66 looks like two left lanes is what gets you by their the on ramp is accessible, though. Looks like The one lane is available to you on the ramp towards westbound 66. Headed on westbound 66. The work zone is just after 28. A single lane is getting by towards the center of the road on the eastbound side of 66 As you approach the Fairfax County Parkway. Looks like they are setting up some cones there as well. So be aware of that in South Bend 95 slow going from 1 23 down towards the Prince William Parkway, where the single Far left Lane is What's getting by that work zone. And of course, it works on between us the CenterPoint Parkway and 17. Only one far left lane available to you as well, Pretty slow going along that stretch, But as we continue down towards Plank road, you're gonna be just fine. I'm Carlos Ramirez. W T o p Traffic storm team for is Matt Ritter. Skies this evening. Warm and muggy temperatures will be in the seventies. Warm and muggy Tonight. Lows will be in the mid sixties seventies and.

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