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Padres. From course field as it looks like the precipitation might finally be done, at least here in the text center for now, so hopefully we'll get some baseball in tonight and it is not a long night, of course Field because tomorrow It is a double header baseball with the Rockies in Padres as well, All right, trying to bring in our okay away. Broncos insider that is Benjamin Albright being brought to you by Coloradans for responsible energy development. Learn how natural gasses are clean energy future at credit dot or g'kar That is C R E. D. Got or g'kar. Then. Were you with worry with Tampa when the old Tim Tebow phenomenon was happening here in Denver? Yeah, and it was from the outside looking in. I tell you, it was. It was the most fascinating thing to watch. Because you'd watch three quarters of football and then you you turn the TV to something else and you come back And you just say how How you know you go back and watch this place. I could remember some specific plays. There was a two point conversion against the Texans where they ran QB draw out of five why they were empty out of five wide and no middle backer was covering the middle on QB draughts and people just walks into the end zone. Or was it Matt Forte? I believe, fumble the ball or didn't get didn't get out of bounds. It was all kinds of just he would do the jump pass through the jump past it knocked out about it. Just think the most miraculous things happen whenever it was. It was fascinating watching the outside looking in now we never if we were laughing when people was selecting the first round we were openly laughing at. That was absolutely nobody in the league had had a great on and that even remotely that high, But, um, it was it was fascinated. Watch the outside looking at obviously not sustainable. And John Elway absolutely made the right move. Punting on that. Moving on to Peyton Manning is we all saw it paid off, but it was. It was fascinating Watch. He was one of those football players who wasn't particularly great but just happen to have things fall into place the right time. Um, let's get to something that's relevant. Um Not the third string tight end for the NFL's losing his franchise are they don't NFL losing this franchise, so they had the number one pick this year. You mean just this past year, Right? Okay. I percentage. They probably are. Okay. We have probably in the 16 game season. I wonder where they are. Because we did this whole deal, right? I don't remember what I thought Cleveland was pretty new brother. You know what reaction may have been the most losing is Franchise in the 16 game era of all time. I'll find out for you. I think you're right. What are we doing here? And all right tackle position since we know that Juwan James is out. Got until today That Says that Not only is due one James out. That some people pretty close to the situation, believe that there is not gonna be any payout to do you Wan James as well and Uh, that he's got some guarantee money still coming. He won't. But it's very it's voided. It's avoided as soon as they release him and put him on the non football injury list and It Z. It's a cautionary tale. It really is a cautionary tale about how you handle your business plan in NFL because you're not with the team and the team doesn't love you. They have the discretion to not pay you even if you have guarantee phones. So, with all that being said, what the Broncos do it right tackle. Well, I came over here from Death Valley was over there earlier. They were doing some work out of a couple of guys get Dennis Kelly and Bobby Massey are probably the biggest names that you recognize out there camera thing as well and then Jemaine aluminum or was dinner as well, Working a couple different guys that they want to go through the medicals the workouts with those guys. I would say that Dennis Kelly's leader in the clubhouse play with Tennessee Titans last year and allowed zero sacks in 16 games at right tackle, so that would be a good get for the Denver Broncos. They did sign Ryan Pope at a Green Bay, but that's kind of just the body and he did another body out there and then it kind of gives them one more. I don't think people that Are trying to draw on Aaron Rodgers connection there necessarily in the right ballpark. Let me ask you this also when when we're considering, Ah, um these guys that play right tackle for the Denver Broncos. Are we saying that this is the final solution, or we waiting on a guy like Mitchell Schwartz from Um, the Kansas City Chiefs who, by the way, the guy I think if he's healthy, he is the best tackle possible for the Denver Broncos. But Are we saying that we got we have that guy on the roster, if if we don't sign one of these guys, Well, yeah, I think that I talk to Mr Sports. His brother Jeff, actually. Cool. Do good. Do good people. I talked to him and he said all the big dude. Yeah, Mitch is still rehabbing his back. And so he's not in a position to do anything right now. So I think if you're the Broncos, you're looking for somebody that definitely could make an impact and you'll keep an eye on that situation going forward. And I think that's where they're at. Right now. Mr Schwartz would be the best player if you were fully healthy, that you could sign an old pro right tackle guy who even gave Von Miller fits, you know, over there for years, and you know, kind of it right tackle and I think that'd be the best move you could make that said. You can't count on a guy with a bad back Who's rehabbing a bad back? I don't know how many guys you know that used to have a bad back. Everybody I know that had one always has one right so that that's the thing you gotta you gotta take into account. I heard there's a possibility that he could like that he could actually retire, too, because if it's that bad, he might he still trying to still be here. I've been trying to see what you can do. But at this point in time, he's not one to sign with anybody because you still rehabbing working out trying to see if he can go. So as we've kind of watched everything play out here, and there's been all this discussion about O T A's and whether or not, you know it is something that's going to be boycotted or or what that is actually going to, uh, look like These guys is these guys get together and you have somebody who comes out like Tom Brady did last week and and say that everybody needs.

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