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Hey everybody we got a great one. Today you know for a change. It's it's also a departure of sorts CONAN O'Brien an Iot been friends for. I think over thirty years it's now and When I was in La Awhile ago? I was a guest on his late. Night talk show on a tbs he is now the dean of late night TV host. I think he's been thirty. Years hosted the show in a so hard to believe Aleve when he first started he was everyone went. Who the hell is this guy anyway? He he's been a huge influence on comedy And he has his unbelievably successful podcasts. And he interviews a lot of COMEDIANS and John Mullany was on a a recent one and talked about one influence. Now CONAN was not unlike letterman. Who is an influence on comedy CONAN has been a tremendous influence on on comedians. And I did the talk show and then immediately after I went and did the podcast first. The agreement we had was that we'd both post it. So what you're about to hear Cost my team. Nothing and if I must say you're going to enjoy this now you'll notice right away when you listen that there is a lot of laughter and it's not just me and Conan. He has a few people in his studio there and Clothing Sonal Moss Essien who is His assistant at the show has been his assistant at the show since I think since he's come away and I've got I've known on her for a while they've done the show and She's great and She and he have great chemistry. Selma's job basically is. She gives him a lot of Shit. And this is the part of the show were before the guest comes on. So you're not going to hear that. But hopefully my doing. This will steer a lot of my vast audience to Conan and in his wildly successful podcasts and hopefully vice versa But really what sonal and you will hear this Parv her job is she laughs. And if you listen to my interview with Dana carvey about how he did political comedy at SNL and this is not long after. George H W Bush died. We were talking about how he got the Got The impression Russian and one day we were sitting around. You just did a not gonNA do that thing over there and I laughed really really loud and we talked about that. Dana said that laughter is the oxygen of comedy. Now you may have noticed that I'm alone I don't have anybody Laughing and there's one advantage to that which is that. If if I say something that I think is funny. No one can prove that it wasn't anyway. I think you're really going a to enjoy this now. We we've added a little bit. We've we've Taken out the parts where Conan talks to SONA and Matt Gowrali Gowrali who is the Producer of the podcast. Let's face it. You WanNa hear me you know but but what you'll hear you'll hear sonal laughing. We were all laughing. We had a great time. I know you're gonNA enjoy this one. And if you we haven't listened to Conan O'Brien needs a friend. You'd be there. I think he has like a million downloads per her podcast. Anyway so But you gotTA gotta go check it out so but we'll listen to this and I swear to God you're GonNa this is a great one for change I met you in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight eighty eight. Listen I thas correct thirty one years ago. Yeah I yeah I was a kid. I remember very clearly My writing partner at the time Greg Daniels and I came to New York to write on Saturday night live and I pitched something and no no no no no no you laugh the Al Franken laugh. Oh and I immediately really relaxed. I thought we were GONNA get bounced out of there any second pitch. We sketch remember what it was about. It was about a lab professor. It was something I used to do for my friends. It's a lab professor. He'd be like who had a lab skeleton. He say well we have. Of course the Patella is the thickest the bones and then he would look over this going he and he got scared every time. And you and then you so you came up to me and you and I really like that and I wait a minute. Let's sorry that's how Utah Roseanne Barr. That was a T. Rex a But anyway you were a generous laugher with me right away and I remember that feeling great. I remember that feeling. Great if people aren't laughing in in the office or is harder right. It's a it's interesting too because everything would be based on you. Remember this the read throughs that we would do a live and you did how many I mean if you add up all your years. It's Saturday night live. Isn't it like one hundred eleven. It's something crazy. I did fifteen in seasons so we did twenty year right That's three hundred numbers I was good at math both science and and I'm a sputnik kid was born fifty one when sputnik went up. My parents marched me and my brother into the living room and said you boys are. We're going to study math and science so we can beat the Soviets and I thought that was a lot of pressure. Did you really thought it was Z.. You guys in Minnesota we were. We were literal. Yeah a liberal and obedient. Yeah and so and so oh my brother was really really really good at it and went to MIT. And I was really good at it and I you know went to another school tool. That was very well thought of. Yes yes I've heard of that school and he became a photographer and I became a comedian. Yeah but we beat the Soviets. You know it's nice that you took that seriously and then Yes the wall came down the Soviets were defeated and then sonal married one. Is that right. Yes but he. He wasn't one of the Soviets. You were fighting well away as he was he was a child. We we were fighting. We're fighting them all. He was a child and he grew up in the Soviet Union. The child came here here yet when he was eleven hour and I maintain that when you fight the Soviets you fight them mall Manso tack your husband. Even as a small child we were we were out to defeat tack. You're saying tack was the enemy. Yes he was and now he's not. He was a child so I don't I disagree with a child's name. Remember anyway. Yeah so I I came to live and I was so scared and and then got to know you Jim Downey right away. And that's the thing about that. I was impressed with his. They throw you right into the deep end. There's no you'd think that. What is the band? got to write a sketch. was that the deep end. No but what I'm saying is you've got to do your the job. The deep end. Okay Yeah right right a sketch right right. GO IN AND PITCH to Steve Martin go in and pitch to Martin Short going in pitch to. You've just come in off the street but that's a that's like cool a privilege. You're you're getting think being thrown in the deep end is a good thing Haha. God this isn't going. I thought it was a pejorative okay. It's just not going away. I wanted.

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