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We have news by Piazza premium automobiles so family and friends gathering today in Princeton junction. This is Mercer county. New Jersey for the funeral of Samantha Joseph, and she's the college student we've been telling you about she was abducted and murdered last weekend in South Carolina after getting into a car that she believed was her Uber ride so Josephson who's from Robbins. Ville was a student at the university of South Carolina police charging a man who charged with kidnapping and murder and a grieving parents releasing a statement today thanking police for the polices of police officers due diligence for Justice for their beautiful daughter. Sammy just a tragic story now. Well, new legislation in fact to help people recognize their over and awareness campaigns happening as a result of her murder. So we do have a man under arrest for allegedly trying to lure a little girl as she waited outside her Delaware County home for an ice cream truck. Police say they arrested. Sixty four year old David fetter police, say the girls started. She did the right thing, they say, you know, she started running back to her house and federal reportedly shouted. Hey, you come here. So the girl made it to her home told her parents police say the incident was captured on surveillance video I'm suing assuming some kind of ring doorbell and that helped identify the suspect. That's according to police. We also have an alert from consumer advocates who name four risky places to avoid using your debit card, especially as you plan summer travel. They say number one outdoor ATM's because thieves they can easily install a skimming device to capture your card info gas stations. Experts say they're not secure online retailers. This they say, maybe the most dangerous because of hacking or the risk thereof, and they're just warning people be cautious at bars and restaurants where you hand over your card. You're not running the transaction where the card never leaves your site. So that alert from consumer.

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