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Minutes after seven. Thursdays of Timber third Nice Company. Morning. Get up 85 in the sunshine later. This afternoon. Wake up, sunshine. Open up your sleeve for May. I'm talking about a cold front passing through here midday. But other than some wind not going Drop the temperature much They're saying Mohr 80 degree days. They're expected heading into the Labor Day weekend on and it's not going to get cooler until Monday. So should be a nice holiday weekend. Hope it is for you. Is going to be a big busy day in Skokie today. Do you hear about this grassroots cannabis? I'll start selling a blues brothers. We'd strain that the company's new old orchard dispensary. Opening today. Jim Belushi. Plans to drive a replica of the Fame Blues Mobile to the opening Today. It's a huge patch shop across the street actually from Old orchard. You're going to go a day? No, But have you seen that place? I have not. No, I mean, it doesn't look like a pasha. It's like 15,000 Square feet. It's huge. Where is it? Exactly? I mean, I cross the street across the street from the mall. Well, there's a cemetery there. And then there's the D S. W This is just north of the northwest Quarter of It is a gulf Old Orchard Road and wait for instructions or now. Well, that one that has a really cool outside thing. Vicky was not excited about anything we did this morning until until I mentioned this greenhouse dispensary. Oh, I know exactly what you're talking about. I did not know that was a sensory. The company's first Illinois store will sell only recreational weed. Looks more like the offices of a major tech firm than a weed store totally does will be equipped with enough point of sale systems to serve a dozen customers. At once. Later this afternoon, the skulk e mayor Will join Jim Belushi and company leaders following a ribbon cutting ceremony. Hopefully, there's a Mrs Fields nearby, some place that sells monkeys. There's a lot of smack places in that area. In recent years, Jim Belushi Broke into the pot industry started cultivating weed at his namesake, Farman Eagle Point Oregon, a process that's been documented in the Discovery Channel show growing Belushi. Anybody seen watch that I have not seen that I heard about it. Um, let's see. Belushi has been growing cannabis at his organ farm for around five years. He partnered with grassroots cannabis. To exclusively sell a blues brothers. We'd strain at the new dispensary. It's in the old of in the old bank, Um Cross from Old Orchard. Okay, so it's not on Scobie Boulevard. It's on old Georges. It's on the corner, but it but it it's the site of the old bank. I think you took the bank down. Remember, the bank doesn't look anything like it. And let's see. Ah Belushi plans too. Pull up to the shop later today and hand deliver. The weed. Hey, says what I wanted to do is drive thru the old Orchard mall like they did in the Blues brothers, but I think that got a little too costly. That's what Belushi's til the Sun times yesterday. So an exciting day up in Skokie today. 7 15, and we'll get to are extremely local news report from Black Club Chicago in just a couple of minutes here, there's a surprising victim of Chicago's Carjacking problem. Pet cats. Yes, we'll talk about that and more with Jen Sibella here coming right up. Couple of updates for you from the sports world also, Ah, Vicki can calm down. She'll give you the traffic report prefer Steve has the weather. Let's go. Come on. We have a nice day in store That is if you can keep the wind Ah, down, We could see gusts of wind Today of 35 MPH Sustained winds of 15 to 20 MPH, but mainly sunny. Otherwise. Just a slight chance of some showers behind your 86 that mostly clear tonight Low 55 tomorrow mostly sunny hon. You're 78. And then 83 on Saturday, 82 on Sunday and then Monday for Memorial Day. I'm sorry Labor Day keeps saying Memorial Day 74 on Labor Day right now in Chicago. Partly cloudy skies 68 at O'Hare and Midway 69 along the lakefront 65 in Waukegan. The White Sox have back to back losses for the first time since mid August after falling to Minnesota eight tow one. The Cubs In eight to win at Pittsburgh. The baseball world mourning the loss of Tom Seaver, the Hall of Fame pitcher, Tom Terrific. He died Monday of complications from dementia and covert 19 at the age of 75 the fire a scoreless tie with Cincinnati in Colorado over Dallas in the Stanley Cup playoffs to force Game seven. We have some great news heading into that Byrne interchange right now that he's found Eisenhower ramp to outbound Kennedy is re opened. So we've been looking forward to that since 2013. And in addition to that,.

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