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Live in, but we do now live in an America where a hell of a lot for one thing I think probably a million or two more people. have either been directly assaulted by the police or who have had a loved one directly assaulted the police. Yes, and that's GonNa Change. How some people vote And we like the the the window. We'll talk about this in our interview a little later, but the window of debate on what is appropriate for for us to have in terms of police has shifted massively over the last nine days in a way that I, would have thought impossible ten days eleven, yeah. I I mean people we've talked about this. Everybody's been talking about it, you know. A few weeks ago. Yeah I wanted! Police reform I thought. Most cops are pretty bad, but you'd be hard. Pressed to get me saying all cops are bastards, not true anymore, absolutely not true and that and and even more so. I don't know anybody. Else. Who wouldn't be willing to say that I actually do? I know people, but for the most part I'm really heartened by the shift I've seen just across the board from people in my circles. You know centrists that. are staunchly. Yeah I also. Mentioned America a lot, but it's. It's not just America doing this I mean even that's what the Bristol thing was. Showing. The French writing on are. Taking down those leopold statues, which is whether they're covering it. Have they taken them down? Yet? I know that they've been protesting. There's some then like. Fully chopped. That's nice to see. latches King Leopold. Yeah all the social stuff. People fucking with Churchill statues. And you know the people responding like he's not Hitler Yeah. Yes, you're right. He was half of a Hitler. And at the time that was better than a Hitler, but it doesn't mean we should have statue stems to. Good. Yeah. There's a lot of that shifts. I see everywhere every day more and more like parents of. Conservative parents, even of Friends of mine who were like I didn't realize this. And people responding online, even just being like yeah I used to really support police unions and police like all these like booster stuff and I will never ever vote for. Increasing funding for police again in my life. I've got a good one. Guys have heard me mentioned before. Probably I have a friend that I my best friend from high school. Grew apart, she's. Very conservative now voted for trump. Her husband is a trump supporter, and we don't communicate very often anymore, but. Her husband's started liking. All of my black lives matters posts and the defunding police posts what? Can you tell me that? Wow, that is. Started happening. That's wild folk. Knowing. Cultural Shift Yeah. It's time for an ad I. Think is what we're getting to..

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