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Hearing the Frank Beckmann show. News talk seven sixty WJR now in for Frank. Here's McComb county. Public works Commissioner, Candace Miller and congresswoman Debbie Dingle. Good morning. Welcome back. Frank Beckmann show with the Debbie and Candice duo here. I'm Candace Miller, and my good friend, Debbie Dingle, and I are co hosting the show today in in francs abstinence absence. But we have a guest who's been on with Frank many times in both Debbie, and I have known him for many years, and this is Pete junior. Pete Beauregard junior always have to call him junior because they know his dad so well, Pete senior, they they're the owners of colony marine. They've got locations in Saint Clair shores and Algan AC Pontiac, and and he's just been involved as his dad was before him for many many years and in running the various boat shows that happened under the Michigan voting Industries Association. They just finished one up at Cobo center. And then they've got the the one out in the fall out at Saint Clair at the metropolitan beach there but anyway, pre peak good morning. Good morning. How you guys doing today? We are doing well doing well. I want to be out in a boat. Pete. Well, I'll tell you what their day like yesterday. It. Sure makes you start thinking it's it's that time of year. And you know, what that's gotta be first up here. Because really I was thinking about that yesterday. I was out walking at metro and looking out on the lake and didn't see any boats out there yet, but they will be coming pretty.

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