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Welcome back to the unanimous decision. Podcast i'm your host deep depot. Follow me on twitter at deep six. Six the show on twitter at ud. Oswald the entire internetwork at you guessed it the tr network. You've found this. Don't you dare loses subscribe on. I subscribe on spotify. subscribe edwards. Your podcast for absolutely free. Ninety nine we're coming to you on the week of thanksgiving. I hope you're not traveling. I hope you are staying in place and not endangering all of us but if you are i know you're sick of not argue with someone. I'm going to sit here for an hour and yell about things and you're gonna feel a little bit more at home if only to be joined by idiot cousin who talks to your phone. I'm not alone. Always words ryan and doing a very good at this. I'm not alone. i'm here with my friends in the world the best man in my wedding. The homie mike. What's up mike. Thanks for having me back. I to like to argue about things. That is thanksgiving week. After all you know everyone says that nested in yeah. There's some arguments that i haven't uncle who is a cowboys fan like that's a problem but like the big divisions at the dinner table that they talk about life they say of politics. Why not my parents. And i are where japanese politics on this winds decision in your house. Anytime i see some winning by the landmark you replied area And like you're eating by asking for the sympathy your tacitly now. Okay normal levels of this fly but now it feels weird to be me. I sorry all right. So let's get into last year talking about sports one of prior to our miles moorhouse house spiderman interview we were leading into gucci Versus and before. I get into the questions i've got. I do wanna points up. Yeah burs did numbers in the billboard. Music awards the ama's in like a nine point. One million viewers across five farms. Like see i only saw the instagram viewers like pizza. Like one point six something they had. The apple had the versus app. Itself wasn't even the best one that's amazing but this is this is this is a statement about could have never ever ever.

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