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President trump's travel ban will take effect in a couple of hours and that sprang out lawyers to places like new york's jfk airport rod allowed of the new york immigration coalition says family should reach out to group like his for help if they're relativise caught in the middle while making their way here we're the world is watching the united states of america what they're saying is we thought that was the country for opportunity justice raw while socalled close family is still allowed in from six largely muslim countries other loved ones like grandparents aunts and uncles are not a pair of immigration bill should have house approval by the end of the day one measure aimed to crack down on sanctuary cities the other would boost sentences for illegal immigrants who reenter the us after being deported the white house has not backing off after a storm of criticism linked to president trump's unflattering remarks about morning joe host meeker brzezinski the spokeswoman sarah huckabee sanders the president has been a attacked mercilessly on personal accounts by mirrors on that program and i think he's been very clear that when he gets attacked he's gonna hit back trump tweeted that brzezinski came to his marla go resort around new year's eve bleeding badly from a facelift president trump says it is time to unleash american energy we have near limitless supplies of energy in our country powered by new innovation and technology we are now on the cusp of a true energy revolution trump spoke today at the energy department house speaker paul ryan says republicans are moving ahead with their agenda despite this week's setback on healthcare in a capital briefing today ryan predicted that a health care bill will get done a major league baseball umpires being credited for saving life in pittsburgh when jumped on paints all woman climb over the railing on the roberto clemente bridge yesterday he told witness to call nine one one.

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