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Impartially exercise this office to the best of my knowledge and ability was sworn in as mayor of the city of Toronto on December that's no that in all the pre-campaign polls that were conducted before anyone and wasn't even that close and in the days to come there was no shortage of high profile amongst them legendary Canadian hockey broadcaster Donald S Jerry in Jordan drawings it started with an underdog there's no real achievements beyond therefore notable contenders Sarah Thompson Rocco Rossi Joe Pantalone it put him at thirteen percent. The same poll had smitherman leading with forty and frequently in the months to come that he didn't care about polls he didn't have a competent campaign or the infrastructure that goes with it second as rob signed up to run for mayor his campaign lacked the stuff that every of cash they needed to get serious they've always struggled with the strategy side before he came on board rob had a base of really passionate supporters fundraise had a really fun raise had to do voter identification had to get out any stakes we need to put up this many lawn signs this is how many screws we need to put this many stakes notorious and most reviled political operatives and he plays that part you get the sense that his core belief is that politics is a game to win about Nick Strategy Mixed Company called campaign research he introduced himself by saying something like something to the effect of I'm will but not working right that was my thought was the first time I met him and his company started working for the fords they quickly realized they would have their work cut out together and bring in some people who had some semblance of some experience in running oh the season campaign people I mean the fords might have called them elites quote the best political operatives in Toronto we're already working for other candidates.

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