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Job. Kareem hunt continues to dazzle for chiefs offense. He caught two touchdown passes while running for eighty six yards and a touchdown as the chiefs beat down the Bengals Nick, how important is hunt to this chiefs offense? Oh, wildly important because he forces you to not just be able to play the past. You have to worry about Kareem hunt. He said it, he and the often to line three weeks. He wasn't very productive and he said, right or the offense. Line actually said four him. Well, we've just been so successful through the air. We haven't had to run him. He's Secondly touchdowns hundred yards from scrimmage per game the last month you need him because you need when you have that lead to build a win four minute offense to run out the clock. Have teams use up all their timeouts, and it sets up that devastating play action pass. So that running game with Kareem hunt is important. I moved on much as made of the Rams explosive offense. But Aaron, Donald dominated forty Niners yesterday with four sacks and six tackles for loss Rams improved to seven or no. They won thirty nine to ten, Chris. How important is Aaron Donald to this ram success? They don't have an outside rusher be so he becomes really important. One thing you have to worry about their rush defense last year, not very impressive. This year becomes important him in consumer there. He is a star best defensive player that we have a guy also just got a bus load of money. Still playing like he's trying to earn a new contract. I love it. The reason that you heard me audibly gasped when you read that is this was the game in the afternoon, Window's paying the least attention to because it wasn't close and we was, I knew he had the four sacks. I didn't know yet a half dozen fellows go along with it. He had ten tackles in the backfield yesterday for an interior player that's almost unheard of. But your point about the money is such a good one. He and girly got paid early. Both of them are playing the best football of their respective careers post contract, which is what you always wanna, say, girly rhymes, early, moving onto the saints. Ravens drew Brees became cici's not. And he's like. Drew Brees became fourth quarterback to throw five hundred touchdown passes. However, this game came down to the wires, ravens kicker, Justin Tucker, who does not miss extra points, missed his first extra point of his entire career saints, win twenty four to twenty three Nick. What was your reaction to this? Justin? Tucker felt like a sucker after this one in my right Geno listen, he's the best kicker. He's the best kicker in football has been for nearly a decade..

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