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Today. I just wanted to give you a little quake background on my show and also wanted to speak to us. Just a little bit ships. Remind of you and I'm very obey to be in relationship to relationship also. I'm not afraid to speak out experiences in those relationships so on the relations storms. Big A lot about and should and shouldn't do Albuquerque. Chino by Albert Chesler. Also relationships fresh relationship certain charges to me edged sexual say she was but she is chance to win the trophy. Come on his show now is let me speak for attack. I want to also combat should decided wiped with the Shirley. I'm out of shape. Do Bantus kind of an WANNA COME. Home Mike. Mike is okay. So were the first cheating. She decided she the secretary knock as he was really that he was out. You're worried most at his lecture life was about that issue would like really seriously about it. Try and then. That's cheating the reason why our station is when I visited them. Our Trust is as much as I wanted to try. Work it out. We call each other off our house and the best sort of instant is entrusted at us. One else'll was always felt was elsewhere. Also making me crazy came in all second off contents content caves Dan Yours. Hey So bush the about what's ahead on my house. The way they built enough to use the contact as soon as bills traffic shame. I'm pretty sure. She closed her as she could. She living with a couple trailed pictures of us. But that don't share about that which I was never understand that your attitude about the contacts my argument about it and I guess he's eighty this so it's out of context dying just talking about so I would have been. I grabbed contact case and I hope the context were gone. I still had. The solution has been there because actually dissolution in there in the now poured out in the Narino Antic mayes out. So I'll start questioning myself like digital lizzy contact or visit cheek. Lead actress like really making you crazy to wear. I think Arizona's like was crazy. I was I doing extra was I was. I saved so as I let it. Go whatever you I'm talking about contests I WANNA shit you on the watch. Bud I know damn well it was so much fun blue contents but obviously somebody to I vow. Like eight seven years ago. So yeah the contact Sir Occasion or the act wherever they Of My contact the wrong so even though I forgave him for that the gave him but still working out. That would like something action. Because I knew I interested. I knew I was ever be able to trust him. And that way job outside. He'll tell me that the sky is burning. I will sign a really big like isn't it is kind of oranges. Like is at the end of the world. Like star of tricking. Buy Sell to believe in what he was saying. Don't say that I feel I had to get out get out my strategy so we did last in argyll because after I achieved. He never ever ever forgave me which is fine because deep down. I've never forgave him. I just decided to get over it because I cared about him at that time. Leading out the effect on it is of allies..

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