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Like really competently really sturdily. And I think the answer to that is most nights probably not. And I think that's kind of where the average playoff team is. And so when you talk about things like expansion, I think really what you're talking about is does adding two teams or does any of the other litany of changes we're talking about with the NBA in terms of potential CBA renegotiate renegotiation or whatever, will it change the dynamic of these teams enough that like three stars aren't on the same team and therefore can exploit these teams that don't necessarily have the best role players, right? I think all of these issues are kind of tied up in one another because yeah the 300th best player in the NBA and the hypothetically 400th best player in the NBA. Those guys are not that far apart. That's more of a like the needs of your team, the specifics of your tastes, but I don't know that I would say that these teams are like iron like bulletproof necessarily in their rotations in a way that they haven't been before. For sure. I think it's a couple of things. You mentioned this strategy. This strategy is so much better now. There are some players who just played off the floor. So it's interesting. It's almost like, I look at the team like the grizzlies, which I think doesn't have a conventional two star, three star that we're accustomed to top seats having. They had a lot of guys who could play on the floor in a playoff series, I think, but, you know, guys who maybe aren't moving the needle at the same time. Like, I think Danny mountain's not getting played off the floor, but he's not necessarily moving the needle for you either. So it's interesting. And in that sense, I think there's definitely, like you said, the guys across the league top to bottom are better, but you just can't play in a high level playoff game now if you can't defend. You have to be on you have to be basically James Harden offensively. I mean, who's the worst offensive player that can stay on the floor in the playoffs? Because of how bad they are on defense. I think that's an interesting question. I'm trying to think we could be. I mean, Kyrie is honestly maybe in the conversation. Because some guys are just the teams are going to go after them almost every single possession in the fourth quarter.

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