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Buyers that are out there in the market in q four. We'll get your company. Ready by attending commerce roundtable maximizing black friday in twenty twenty one. This one day. Virtual event is presented by our friends over at center lane and on september twenty. First you'll learn how to drive thirty percent more revenue this holiday season. And who doesn't wanna do that. Learn more at commerce roundtable dot com. Tickets are usually two hundred and forty seven dollars but our podcast listeners. Here at pt can attend for free. You just have to use the code podcast. Vip so head over to commerce roundtable dot com use the coupon code podcast vip to get your tickets for free. We'll see you there. Look at this point chat bots are no longer a secret remember when they first came out it was what everybody was talking about and then so many businesses tried and failed at deploying botts in the right way on their site. Very few actually really figured it out. Well they weren't probably doing it the right way. And that's what i love about bought builders. These guys are the absolute real deal. They know how.

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