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I wouldn't be I wouldn't run out of topics at least that that are out there. My Rana topics just 'cause I'm smart enough to come up with another one. I am curious. We of course have. Compared to twelve am. I right twelve years ago. Is that the right number twelve? I started writing it in two thousand seven that was statistically speaking, right speaking, then anew, join in two thousand nine and then you left to bid, and then you came back so two thousand seven we're talking pre Pige FX, let alone everything else. And so in that twelve years, you have had access to you know, like like on an order of thousands of times, maybe more data and things that we couldn't imagine whatever be public and so on and so forth. Has that? I'm I don't know. I don't even know if there's a question how might. But I'm curious to know if that has actually sort of slaked your. The wrong way other stoked. You're still disliked means to satisfy right? Yeah. It's gonna it's so has that stoped your desire for more for for the for the data that's behind closed doors? Are you like is like one of the great allures here that you have access to their data now in things that you've wanted to research, but you couldn't research in all this time because even with stat Kasim with everything else. It just still isn't possible. Yeah. Kinda I mean. That's part of it. I mean, that's the I I mean, I haven't I haven't had the, you know, Willie Wonka and the chocolate factory moment where he opens the door, and they see the room full of everything's made of candy and the chocolate river, and I haven't I haven't had that moment of seeing. What's an I mean, I I have an idea of what all is going to be in in that vaults. I mean, there's only so many ways that you can say that somebody grounded out to short on June eleventh, and you know, so there there is that part of it. I think that some of it is also, you know, their areas of of of the I would consider ripe for research that the kind of it isn't so much data that you need but access in something like player development. You know, teams keep those things very very secret unless you're writing a book about it or something like that. But. It is that kind of ability to not only kind of do the research, but also influence policy. It is is something that just as somebody who works in public health. And does that as my day job where you know, you get to do you not only get to do the research, but you also get to make policy recommendations and sometimes to actually take you up on them. And you get to say, hey, you know, that that was in part me, you know, that that ability is the other part of the allure that that goes with it. You know, I I mean, the the data sets. I'm sure will be cool on it'll be fun to see how you guys have following you track that that'll be interesting. But I think that I think that there's going to be more that I will personally be interested in I'm going to see if I can I can do I can get them to not only kind of leverage what they already have. But say will what if we collected this? What if we did this, and we? We opened up this whole new area. That's that's out there to see if something's something's hiding in that area of baseball. So we were just chatting before we start recording about the process of getting this job. And people might imagine that you go through grueling interviews in you're subjected to hypotheticals and how much with this be worth than what decision would you make here? And that is how it works for some positions. But in your case, your resume is your interview is is the less twelve years. Really? It's like I've written thousands. Millions of words about baseball. You know, how I think, you know, how do analysis it's all really laid out there in a much more comprehensive way than you could ever get a sense of in an interview. Yeah. I mean, I've been on. I've done those kinds of interviews for positions and some of the things where they say answer these five questions, and I've done that in this one of the questions that that the Mets asked me was what are what are the what are the areas that you?.

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