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Rangers video game. That's what I want like if you give. Cbs or whomever a big triple a video game budget and have Jerry Ryan doing all of like the motion capture and voice work. You see in like a big video game. I will play that till the end of time. I want like a a single player action space ship Sifi Ferris Rangers Star Trek video game. And and I feel like that would be incredible Could it be a TV series? Absolutely but I really think what they've done is on top of a main star trek story with the main card storyline. They've put a lot of really good things under it that they'll be able to move forward with in. I think that was really well done. I think a lot of people are saying that they want to know more from these characters. They want to see more from this universe. They want to see more from what is happening in this timeline. And that's the best thing you can hope for with your first season is that you want that people wanna see more and I think card pretty much nailed it. I've really enjoyed the hell out of first season and I'm excited for when it comes back. I agree with you that one of the things kind of set out to do was get people excited about other characters and people wanting to know more because one of the things I've said like even before he's into discovery when people started clamoring about a Christopher Pike show as a you know the next live action show that they're actually going to confirm in. My opinion is going to be a spin off from Picard. It's GonNa take someone anyone doesn't I couldn't even begin to speculate. Which character is going to be your group of characters but I honestly think that they are planning in their ultimate scheme of things to have a spin off show from the series To help advance this universe forward so I'm looking forward to that I am. I just realized something that that I forgot for half a second. Even in episode eight nepenthes. Easy will reicher even said that he still on active reserve. Which really is just another seat to plant We've still never seen at least in television. We've still never seen the USS Titan. And I know a lot of people myself included want to see the US Titan and the idea of Reicher and Deanna. Troi being this husband. Wife Leads Star. Trek series is really really fun to me. I would love to see that I agree. I definitely agree in that. That's the so many different threads they could pick out of all this talk about feels good to talk about how many things are possible. There really is. I mean you can even look at the fact that for season two of Picard which is coming the. They did confirm that. That Patrick Stewart basically invited will be Goldberg to come back and guidance even to which is a whole mother Fred of possibilities. Bility's that we can see without excited for so and they've pretty much said all but officially that Georgia forge was part of a utopia plenty show on Mars. So it's entirely possible. He'll be there too so we might see Lavar Burton like honestly it. It's so cool that were in this age where there are so many different things that star trek could do and it really started with. Star Trek Discovery. Which is which is really amazing to save. Given how polarizing it was when it started and now it's opened up reopened up an entire universe of of a franchise worth of content But gotta say let's we're GONNA move into upcoming business and talk about discovery a little bit. I probably liked star trek discovery season one more than most and I thought it ended really really strong star Trek Discovery Season. Two was universally praised for more than just Captain Pike. I believe and season three a recently wrapped as the members of the casts have said. And it's a little weird I. I'm wondering where's that season. Three premiere date for Star Trek Discovery. Feel like we should have gotten a buy now. Don't you I? I think we should have gotten it by now to If you look at the production time between when the series wrapped and when the show premiered in season one season two with both like about a month not even a month So the season three raft the end of February. And we're now close to the end of March and we don't have a day and the one thing I've been seeing online. Is that a lot of the cast. Members are saying well they're still working on special effects and doing home now because the pandemic so it's going to take longer I don't know if that's a You know I didn't even think about that. Yeah I mean that's definitely cause delays but I think it is one of the things once sniff figure out how long it takes two to complete an episode. Like they can still figure out when they're going to premiere it because a lot of a lot of times with these shows like even they don't have to have the entire season completely finished by the time they premier as long as they can still work on it and they have everything finished by the time. Each episode airs isn't how Kinda felt that way with season one. Yeah if I remember. It felt like they were still maybe be in production or post production when season one started. That's the impression that I got exactly. And they had to be that way with season two two because I mean you can do raft at the end of December and then premiered on January the seventeenth. So that wasn't even like two weeks. They had to still be pros production for some of the later episodes things so I honestly had this theory in my head that instead of lake making some big announcement about the premier date for season three of discovery. They're just 'cause netflix started to do this with some of their shows. They just kind of announced like two weeks ahead of time. Oh the premier's coming in two weeks. I think they're going to do that with these three of discovery. Okay I have the ANC. Heather getting an. Yeah Yeah but I. I have this theory in my head. 'cause the season finale The card is next week. I think at the end of the season Finale Picard. We're going to get a new trailer attached to the end of the episode for season three in Discovery. And we're GONNA get day 'cause 'cause it does look cool season. Three does look cool. More where we're going way into the future and we're seeing the remnants of the federation. I'm I'm really intrigued by that. It just feels like there's they've got some really good writers doing some really interesting things with Star Trek and I'm really interested in that. Yeah it season three discoveries headed into all new territory. I I mean it's even farther in the future than what Picard is now so the the world and the Federation as we now at and the planet as we know it of the universe can be entirely different. The galaxy is their voice ter- and they can do what ever they want with it so I'm really excited to see where they went with it. And what happens and we're excited for all of you for listening to this podcast. Everybody like I said when we first started out. We're not going to go on too long. We're GONNA try and keep this fairly short sweet heather. Thanks for doing this with me again. It's been fun. It's really cool to talk star Trek with you. I'm excited I'm staying excited. I'm really excited to see. What else comes along Thanks everybody you can follow this podcast at Prom. Tripod. You can get it wherever. Podcasts can be aggregated. It's him apple podcasts. It's in spotify it's everywhere else. Go ahead and give us a a positive review you can do it for Heather If you like Star Trek you can do that for heather give the podcast five stars really appreciate it and again everybody. Thank you for listening to the prominent merchants. We'll talk to you soon..

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