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Signed up for yeah that's what you signed up for your chad green today you throw your pitch if they hit it out like michael brantley did then they hit it out that's what you signed up for and if you're brian cashman or sandy alderson or the three headed group now rico whatever this is what you signed up for so don't be afraid of it embrace it and i don't know if they're willing to do that i think the yankees are willing to do that but they wanna know like anybody would how much how have we increased our likelihood of winning a championship by doing this that's it because we're going to be good next year and the year after and we're not willing to give up our depth for next year or the year after for something that is only going to move the needle a couple of spots out of one hundred we had an eighty eight percent chance now we have a ninety percent chance that's not enough they want to do something that moves them from more realistically moves them from seventy two percent to eighty percent that's what they want there are no guarantees but they want something that's going to move the needle for them significantly otherwise they're not going to do it because they don't have to the mets have to the mets already know what they have they have very good starting pitching and the worst record the national league that's not my opinion that's a fact they have very good starting pitching and the worst record in the national league those two things are crew they're not my opinion so whether you're ricco or mnaya or riccar retarded or whoever does not open for debate the debate is given that what's our future how do we get better clearly starting pitching isn't the way we've already got that and it isn't working so how do we get better let me tell you one thing right now that you must understand okay this is a fact the mets will not get better starting pitching next year then they've gotten this year that's a flat out fact they will not as a group of five get better starting pitching next year then they've been getting this year so if you're sitting around that room in three headed monster and you're considering how are we going to get better next year but we're going to do about next year don't look to get better at starting pitching because you're not getting better you'd be lucky to get the same it would be great but you're not gonna get better hell the kid today went five innings gave up one run that's not it so okay we got great starting pitching in we're losing what are we going to do it's up to you but all we do here i mean we talk a lot of opinion here that's why bring up numbers back some stuff up to help you form your opinion and to help to help you understand how i how i form my opinion but a lot of what we talk about isn't opinion the metro in last place in the national league now my opinion we have numbers here and whether they admit that to themselves or thank god assessments was hurt it's a fluke will be fine that's up to the mets and any other organization our sales were down last month well that's because the weather was bad and you know whatever the parking and there was constructed whatever you always make excuses sometimes they're valid sometimes they're not but hard to be optimistic as a mets fan if they stand pat very hard to be optimistic we'll get a.

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