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Health and your life now eighty eighty percent well eighty five percent rather the cdc has said has a five percent of our health okay our health challenges diabetes heart disease cancer rightous across the board depression the whole nine yards has its root cause and emotional health and coming up i want to talk a little bit about that because emotional health is extremely important and we always think oh well you know get over to tough it out have a good afternoon happy face on you'll be fine push through life for the reality is that life throws a curve balls and we we just those curveballs how we handle those curveballs can determine the outcome of our health in so many ways so i'm gonna talk a little bit about that not so much just for adults been how it's impacting our kids and what social life and what our daily relationships that we have how can make it not just in our health for the time being but it can make an imprint in our held for life and it really has been some research on it i want to share that with you because not only will help you with your kids undo some thing can hopefully help you unwind yourself i tried other brands but i came back to buy sunshine through the best hot or cold pain relief get the best get.

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